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Google Mexico Maps

George asks…

what is the closest city that is in texas and also close to louisana but is next to the boder ?

it has to be in texas, where the USA meets with MEXICO. and if its close to Louisiana it would be better.

Tijuana answers:

Nothing on the Texas-Mexico border will be close to Louisiana. Texas has a big Gulf coast. The closest city to Louisiana on the Texas-Mexico border is Brownsville. Port Arthur is the closest city to Mexico on the Texas-Louisiana border.

Distance between Port Arthur and Brownsville: 450 mi – about 8 hours 15 mins,+tx+to+brownsville,+tx&ie=UTF8&z=7

New Mexico is west of Texas, Mexico is south.

Thomas asks…

Is Childress a county, city, or something in New Mexico?

I search it on Google Maps and I come up with places all over the state. I’m wondering if it’s a county or something. Please help!!

And while you’re at it, can you see how long it takes ti drive from Dallas to wherever this Childress is?

Thanks a bunch 🙂

Tijuana answers:

A town named “Childres Place” is located in New Mexico, in Santa Fe County.

According to Google maps the cities of Dallas,TX and Childres Place,NM are located approximately 719-miles driving distance from each other.

Donald asks…

What are the black circles in google maps?

Ok so I’m going on a road trip an when I checked to see the directions, on the way we see that there is ALOT of these black circles. What are they? They just appear along the highway. GO TO GOOGLE MAPS TO SEE YOURSELF.

Type in : Clovis, New Mexico

Please tell me what they are. THANK YOU

Tijuana answers:

Not sure, they could be fields, since in areas with a lot of hills the farmers tend to have fields that that end up looking like that.

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