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Google Mexico Maps

Lizzie asks…

Where would Windsor and Farmington, New Mexico be on the map of North America?

I’ve tried going on google map but, I’ve been unable to find the exact location.

Tijuana answers:

Google Maps or the pdf at

Robert asks…

How long would it take to drive from Chicago, IL to Cancun, Mexico?

I tried to figure this out on MapQuest, Google Maps, Y! Maps, but couldn’t get anything…

Does anyone know about how long it would take to drive from Chicago to Cancun?

Tijuana answers:

You can use the site below. Mapquest doen’t work for Mexico. It would take at least 5 days and probably 6. This site is ALWAYS too short on the time…need to add at least 6 to 8 hrs. Have you driven in Mexico before? It can be done, but is an adventure. Roads are anywhere from horrid to excellent. Best place to cross is at Reynoso or Matamoros. Highway from there to Tampico is ok…but not excellent. After Tampico and down to Veracruz it is excellent. I have not gone furthur , but have known people who did and who said highways thru the Yucatan were good. You will definetly need a Guia Roji, the Mexicn road atlas. Can buy it at a big book store or order on You will also need a Mexican car permit and car ins. See sites bepow for info and my fav. Car ins. Agent. You CANNOT drive after sundown in Mexico, due to unexpected bad places in the road, animals on the road. Expect the unexpected…something unexpected will happen. All those people who will warn you about highway robbers…well, I think thse are greatly exagerrated, unless the person has personal experience…have never heard of it actually happening. I live in the state of Veracruz and have driven that route along the Gulf several times. Unless you just want to make the drive because you like the drive and the adventure, better to fly…and probably cheaper. Just saw other answe..yes there is violence in border towns…you will drive through there and be out of that area in a couple of hrs. There are often severla mlitary checkpoints…they are there for your safety…just be courteous. YOU will NOT be in danger unless you plan to hang out with drug dealers in the border areas. I am a single American woman and have driven that route several times with no problems at all. You can stop in any little town along the way with no problem…Tuxpan is my favorite place.

Ken asks…

How long would it take me to drive from Houston to San Diego?

I don’t want a google maps estimate haha. I mean like actually: considering minimal stops & sleeping which i believe will be quite necessary lol

Tijuana answers:

You can do it in 2 days
Once you get west of San Antiono there is really nothing out there that you really need to do more than slow down a little for.
I would route it
Houston > Las Cruces NM
spend the day sleeping
Las Cruces NM > San Diego CA
You read it right
At this time of year on that stretch of road I would do all my driving at night
With that in mind you’ll need to call motels in Las Cruces and ask them if you can check in at 7:00 AM and out at 7:00 PM
As desert dwellers they should be able to understand and accomadate your request
Safe trip

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