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Google Mexico Noticias

Paul asks…

What’s an online, spanish language newspaper/publication with world news? from mexico or central america?

Tijuana answers:

Ultimas noticias – El Mexicano Noticias de Mexico – Las Últimas Noticias – Yahoo! México Noticias

Helen asks…

Where can i buy the exact jacket?(?

from this picture whoever gives me the website will get 10 points

Tijuana answers:

That’s a real shot in the dark as there are thousands of style of jackets to scan through on the net. However, if you are really interested in finding it you would google “mens black jackets” and spend the time looking through the different links.

Jenny asks…

Which are the most elegant cities of Latin America, for you?

for my the cities most elegant are: Mexico City , Buenos aires, Sao Paulo, etc

Tijuana answers:


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