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Laura asks…

girls:which guy u like better?

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Tijuana answers:

Pic 1…..

Richard asks…

im going to mexico at the rio bravo?

Hospital De Las Americas
Av. Las Americas No. 515
Rio Bravo, Mexico..
can anyone tell me anything about this place..i called the number on the website and the dr answered.he said call back in an hour he was in surgery.i called back and he was writing stuff down i said dont u have a secertary..but no answer..what i am going for is 4k cheaper than here in louisiana.anyone know a place i can go their cheap and good. sometimes websites lie so i wanna know more first…is it even safe for me to go.i speak little spanish.even though they say everyone at the hospital speaks english also.quite funny a dr answered the phone..i wanted to go to huetamo after my would be awsome if i could find a doctor near that mom in law is their i would love to meet her.a doctor for my reversal close to her would be it safe to go by bus also

Tijuana answers:

Rio Bravo is a suburb of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. This are right across the river from McAllen, Texas.
They have been have a lot of problems here lately with the drug cartels.
You can read things in the McAllen newspaper, the Monitor.
You can read things in the Reynosa newspaper, suggest you use Google translate toolbar. It is probably better than your Spanish. You can click on Noticias and you will see a section for Río Bravo.
I remember when it was a very nice smaller town.
I was talking to friends in Reynosa and they suggested that I wait before I go down to visit. I am taking their recommendation.
Good luck and peace be with you.

Betty asks…

how reliable are these vehicles?

I have noticed over the years that countries that receive military aid (not partners) fomr the US get these vehicles for police and military uses:,simg:CAISEgkmtjRV61wTmCFDoXLI8lFQMw,sit:o&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=104&vpy=104&dur=202&hovh=183&hovw=276&tx=183&ty=116&ei=GJMdTYHxN4eesQOU66CZCg&oei=GJMdTYHxN4eesQOU66CZCg&esq=1&page=1&ved=1t:722,r:0,s:0
Now I know that there are vehicles for all sorts of purposes. For example; Mexico uses these F150 trucks to patrol streets, chargers for highways and avenues with no speed bumps, etc.but idk. it just seems wrong to me to send out your soldiers to patroll in these vehicles knowing that they could get shot (adn they often do, take Afhghanistan or Mexico as examples) I know that they dont have a lot of money but investing in a little bit of armor wouldnt be bad. As a governor or politician I would not be surprised about not getting lots of results from overworked and underpaid soldiers with crappy equipment. I dont see the US using F-150’s to do patrolling in Irak. I dont know, it jsut kind of upsets me. I am Mexican and I know that these unarmored cars are used for training fro the most part (and I have heard that since there are so many drug dealers and so little conflicst for Mexico to participate in, they have decided to send the new recruits reinforce their training with a few “narco shootings” that way they kill two birds in one shot: they train soldiers and kill criminals) yet I dont think that those “utility” trucks are good for training on anything but picking up corpses..
thanks for all the information and just to ble clear I am not complaining. I just wanted to know how reliable these vehicles are in combat situations. I also must say that I do not have experience in combat so again I don’t really know if this would be a good vehicle or not. The few soldiers I know haven’t complained yet. But yeah, again: thanks for all the information. it was really enlightening. And if my tone got a little bit o ut of hand is because man! the budgets we get over here for defense every year suck!

Tijuana answers:

You are correct in the fact that armored vehicles would be more helpful. But are WAY more expensive. I do security for the military, and our Armored Suburbans (even the 2005 model) cost about 100k for the vehicle and around 5k to replace the run flat tires (after they are worn down or get shot) and the vheicle needs more check ups then normal vehicles due to the exessive weight and burden placed on the chasis. It is not probable (it is possible, but not easy and/or likely) that the mexican government is going to spend that kind of money/has that kind of money in their budget to spent. Even in the U.S. Most police cars are not armored, at the most they have some kelvar in the door panels to help, but other then that, heavier caliber rounds will eat right through it. The way the police augment this, is with training, and being more cautious and vigilant in their duties so that they avoid getting shot at as much, and when they are in a shoot out, they can engage as accuratly as possible.

Also those f-350’s and other utilities trucks are very reliable in urban combat environments.

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