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David asks…

How do you feel about President Bush signing on to the North American Union?

“President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration’s true open borders policy.”
Browse around, pick your own source to read the gory details.

ONE NORTH AMERICA – ONE COUNTRY. Pretty amazing stuff.
Browse around, pick your own source to read the gory details.

ONE NORTH AMERICA – ONE COUNTRY. Pretty amazing stuff.,GGLD:2004-17,GGLD:en&q=bush+sign+north+american+union
To must: It’s a fact, dear. Why don’t you try READING all the sources provided before you bloody your nose with the kneejerk response?

Hey, don’t get pissed off at ME because bush sold you out.
To Christina: It’s alread happened. He’s already signed it. With ABSOLUTELY NO MEDIA fanfare, I might add.

Damn that “liberal” media!

Tijuana answers:

For all you who scoff at this question. Check it out at the official Government web site on the subject given bellow additionally; there are two sites, videos of Lou Dobbs on the subject.

It is why the new Immigration reform Amnesty bill is 700 or whatever pages long, because they had to create an appearance of securing the borders but not really do it.

They are lying out the patooties to all of us the same ignoramuses that have been in office for 30 + years are still their living in a vacuum screwing us.

On that note it is not just the president it is the Republicans, Democrats, Executive, Legislature, Big Business and the UN.

Also search Google Video for Lou Dobbs and SPP take a peek you sheep

Just search Security and Prosperity Plan you will see the dot GOV web sit check it out

Mark asks…

How can i get the phone number for a post office in this certain town I am going to in mexico?

I looked up on the internet and i didnt see the phone number and i typed it in spanish so i dont know what to type in google so i can get the phone number to this post office in this town in mexico i might visit. How can I get the phone number?

Tijuana answers:

HEY Guey, If you do not speak Spanish you are wasting your time.
Please modify your question and why you need a number.
I would like to help you out but do not really understand your question.

Chris asks…

How do I copyright a story?

I am currently writing a story and I would like to copyright it.
I have heard that I can post it to myself but not open the envelope because then it will be date stamped by the post office and I will have proof that I owned it at that particular date.
But I’ve also read that this isn’t reliable and can be faked, for example someone can post an unsealed envelope to themselves, and then put someone elses work inside it.

I want to copyright my work preferably for free, or at minimal cost, but I also want it to be reliable, what can I do?
Judeve6 – Thanks, but I live in the UK so I can’t do that.

Ethan – Yes it’s called a poor mans copyright, and I know it becomes copyrighted once its published, but I want a way to prove that in the mean time because I haven’t finished it yet.

Tijuana answers:

“Poor man’s copyright” should be called “A waste of time and money.” The second you put your words down anywhere, they’re copyrighted. Okay, so if you put it on the bathroom stall, you have problems, but only because you don’t own the stall and that’s defacing someone else’s property. The words still belong to you.

Proof they belong to you only matters if someone steals them. That happens, but rarely. Most people who worry about someone stealing them aren’t good enough to steal. And, I say that knowing someone has stolen my stuff. Then again, I had all the proof I needed. I write on my computer and save. I save the first copy and save the final copy. (I save many copies in between too. Why not? Not like I’ll ever write enough to fill 15 gigs of hard drive. Lol) I didn’t even have to prove to Google (they own Blogger, and the guy who stole my writing had a blog on Blogger), I owned the copyright. I merely told them where the plagiarist stole it from–proof I had it first…or at least someone did, since I sold it. Lol

So you’re stuff is copyrighted the moment you wrote it. Have it on a program on your computer, and it’s created dated. Then again, unless you have the money or if someone steals it from you and places it on a reputable site like Google, (someone else stole another one of my pieces, but he’s in Mexico, and I can’t afford to take it to court), it really doesn’t mean much anyway unless you have the time and money to fight it.

Then again, most people who are considering mailing something to themselves (which also doesn’t stand up in a court of law, since all you have to do to cheat is to mail yourself an empty envelope), really isn’t at the stage to worry about doing that anyway.

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