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Michael asks…

How to contact ice trying to send and illegal immigrant back to mexico how do I about this?

Tijuana answers:

Just call ICE and ask them. You can google their number. You can also call your local Department of Immigration and Naturalization Office.

Maria asks…

How fast can I receive my passport? IN NEED OF URGENT HELP.?

So here’s my situation. I just got invited to  go To Mexico & I have no passport. Is it possible to go & fill out a passport application at the post office, go to Mexico, & receive my passport by mail in Mexico? If so how fast will it get there? They’re planning to leave on the 19th of December & return by 4th or 5th of December. Please help!! |:

Tijuana answers:

No idea where you reside

so I googled fast passport in Chicago and it can be done in 24 hours (you will have to pay extra to get this fast service)
below is the link for Chicago – but I am sure it is similar to other big cities in the US

google fast passport in “city” where city is closest large city near you
it will tell you what you need and how to get it in one full day.

Mark asks…

what are the things i have to do to become a history high school teacher if im going to csu dominguez hills?

I am trying to research this and i have found nothing. So if there is any information that you have it will be greatly appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

I live in New Mexico so I had to Google CSU to find out if you were talking about California, Connecticut or Colorado.
I found at least 8 different articles about Dominguez Hills at:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=39d4c75cd492ccc4&biw=881&bih=663

Now about wanting to be a History Teacher in High School, I did not look for that specific degree. You can do that. I Will talk about what I did to become a High School Teacher.

The year you take your first college/university class get and KEEP a college catalog for that year. My son started in the summer while I was taking a summer class. So he started in the 1980-81 year. In 1981-82 they changed the required art class to some Art Appreciation 101. In that class they had to be able to look at pictures of Art and give the info about that picture. But in the 1980-81 year the Required Art class included such things as photography, pottery & others. Because he had the catalog from 80-81 he could prove that he did not have to take Art Appreciation. He loved his photography class.

I took classes in 2 states and 4 different towns with 3 different majors. Because I had the college catalogs with course description I did not have to take “required classes on my final campus” because I had course descriptions from the other 3 schools.

Also when I got to my last school and settled on a major – Teaching Social Studied in Secondary Education – I looked at the catalog to see what was required and as I took each class, I checked it off and put the year and grade earned. My last year just before student teaching, I was called into the adviser’s office and told that I could not graduate next June because I was not taking “How to teach History in High School”. Now that was not its real title but that is what the class was about. Some how that class had been left off of my degree plan that the adviser and his aid put together for each student majoring in Social Studies. I laughed at the adviser because he taught the class on M.W.F. At 10:00 and I was in the class sitting right in front of his desk. He never bothered to look at the grade book to see if I was in the class. He just looked at the degree plan and saw that HIS class had been missed and was sure I would not graduate in June. “Sorry about that Map but it is too late to add the class.” I told him, “Sorry about that but I am going to graduate next June.” I then told him which room and in which building and what time the class was taught. He agreed with me that I was correct. I then informed him that I sat in front of his desk and my hand was always up as I had sub-taught for 9 years. He was dumbfounded and wanted to know how I knew to take the class. I told him I followed the College Catalog AND he should know me as he was my adviser.

He never did know me. The fall my son was a Freshman, (only 2 years after I graduated) I went to homecoming with my son and we saw said Professor, he called my son by name and did not acknowledge me.

Follow the catalog. The internet said for freshmen to go to something called a bridge session after high school and before college. Do that. Enjoy your college years but not so much that you do not study and make good grades. I started making the coveted A in my classes when I turned off the TV and put the family to bed and studied until 1 and some times 2 every night. I still had time to go to Church, lead scout troops and go fishing with the family.

I got my BS in Social Studies (History – American History was my choice) and my Masters in Political Science. I found out that Government happening today will be in the History books tomorrow. I taught for 20+ years and I taught, Am. History, Am. Gov., Economics, Geography and Computers. I gave lots of map and the students said it was because of my initials – Map.

Hope this helps.


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