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Mark asks…

Where is a good place to mess around in your car in Topeka ks?

Hi I live in Topeka ks and like any teenager I like driving my car and doing fun movie stunts, drift, 0-60, etc… I don’t think it’s a good idea to do anything like that on a main roads for obvious reasons, I was curious if there is a place in topeka, a back road, parking lot, any amount of asphalt that there aren’t ppl around and enough space, the two categories are like a place that’s almost like a square (parking lot for example) the main idea is a lot of space where if I were to maybe drift or donuts I wouldn’t be at risk of going off the road, or just a long enough stretch of abandoned road to accelerate, could be good for both. NOTICE: I don’t want a lecture on how dangerous it is, I understand there is a degree of danger and irresponsibility I just want to be safe as possible, from my driving and the law, anyway I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Although I am not from the area, I am from the midwest (an hour south of St Louis, MO) If nobody else answers from your area, consider this.

It may take some time, but with extra money, go exploring backroads. Always have a GPS, or get a hold of county maps (That have every map in a couny), that you can get usually for free at a county clerks office.

I took a brief look at the topeka area on a map and by general experience wopuld say areas around Perry, or Clinton Lakes would have some decent backroads, that are not universally straight like a checkerboard.

But make sure it is a road not traveled often to avoid hitting other cars. I would say which ever of the less polular lakes that is what I would go to. Explore first Sometimes there will be evidence of others who ahve done donuts.

ADITIONAL INFO: Google has an awesome feature. Google your town, or even clinton lake, near topeka. With the name just in the bar, select MAP option on the top of the web site. It should bring up a map of an area you are familliar with.

On the upper right side corner is a box that says sattallite. Select that and a menu of either satalitte or Aerial photos. You can access Sattallite photos of any area in the entire world. Major countries with very fine Detail, Extreme close up zooms to where you can see a person walking.

In USA, Canada, Mexico, and major Cities around the world, keep zooming in an almost any road, and it will show a ground level shot (you may have to drag a ‘man’ icon to a road).

Google drove a car with a 360 degree camera and has photos of every road anywhere you can imagine, well in cities.

You can use this to view areas of interest.

Ken asks…

Where can I buy a cheap passport?

I want to go to Mexico for certain reasons and I don’t have all that much money.
Is there a passport that is a $100 or less?
I’ve looked on google too…no help.
If any of you know send me a link or something please.

Tijuana answers:

Passports certainly are not $80 altogether. They are $110plus an execution fee of $25. If you get the post office to take the pics, it’s another $15, or $150 total. I know his because I did it two weeks ago for my kids. If you don’t have them take the pics, it’s $135. Anyone who says they can do it for less it full of it. Http://

However, if you aren’t flying, you can get a passport card for $30 $35 execution fee. A passport card is good for Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Susan asks…

How fast can I receive my passport? IN NEED OF URGENT HELP.?

So here’s my situation. I just got invited to  go To Mexico & I have no passport. Is it possible to go & fill out a passport application at the post office, go to Mexico, & receive my passport by mail IN Mexico? If so how fast will it get there? They’re planning to leave on the 19th of December & return by 4th or 5th of January. Please help!! |:

Tijuana answers:

No idea where you reside

so I googled fast passport in Chicago and it can be done in 24 hours (you will have to pay extra to get this fast service)
below is the link for Chicago – but I am sure it is similar to other big cities in the US…

google fast passport in “city” where city is closest large city near you
it will tell you what you need and how to get it in one full day.

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