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Google Mexico Office

Chris asks…

How much does it cost to get married at the court house in Roswell, New Mexico?

Tijuana answers:


Call one of these offices and ask.

Carol asks…

Where to go for a Post LASIK Surgery eye exam?

I live in Reynosa, Mexico and I’m a US Citizen. I had LASIK Surgery about 10 months ago and I am looking for a place to schedule an appointment for a Post LASIK Surgery eye exam. I had my surgery done with LASIK Vision Institute, but their nearest office is very far away in a northern part of Texas so I am looking for a place in Reynosa or in southern Texas near the McAllen area possibly.
Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

Tijuana answers:

All I did was put in lasik surgery McAllen, TX and low and behold google search found it.

Google is your friend.

Hometown McAllen.

Maria asks…

what will happen if i fail the drug test i took?

i injured my self at work today, and they gave me a drug test at the er, what will happen besides the obvious me geting fired, will i have any criminal charges brought upon me?should i be clear last time i smoked was nine days ago.

Tijuana answers:

If you only smoked once in the past month and it was 9 days ago, and you’re not obese, then you should pass if it was a urine test, especially if it was a blood test. I’ve passed tests in less than 4 days after smoking, but don’t take my word for it, see the source below (which came from Labcorp, the largest drug testing corporation in America)

As far as criminal charges, no, they can’t do anything. I’ve taken around 15 drug tests in my life, and I’ve failed twice for marijuana. All that will happen is you are fired, there is no record of it. I failed a drug test for an office job, and 2 years later I worked for USPS, and then worked for Google in their mail room. These companies are very stringent about background checks. There is no record. Besides, it’s not illegal to have drugs in your system if you aren’t driving a vehicle.
“Why do you have drugs in your system”
“I was in Mexico for vacation over the weekend and small amounts of drugs are decriminalized there (replace Mexico with Amsterdam, Portugal, Argentina etc.)”.

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