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Laura asks…

Where do old naval vessels go to die?

How could I get them to give me one?
doesn’t have to be big or fast. Needs to be floatable.
jeez. not even an old PT boat? Do they have surplus boats, like jeeps?

Tijuana answers:

If you’re a foreign country, you can buy one…or more. I’ve been working with the Naval Sea System Command’s Foreign Miltary Sales as a contractor for over 13 years now. I’ve lost track of how many countries and ships our east coast team has worked. The west coast has similar projects. For example, Taiwan just bought 4 of our old ‘KIDD CLASS’ destroyers we originally had built for Iran. Right now, we are working with India, which bought the USS Trenton LPD-14. Turkey is looking at 2 FAST FRIGATES(FFG) on the west coast for next fiscal year (Turkey is our team’s favorite customer. I’m partial to Taiwan since I’ve worked with them personally more often). Try doing a search on FOREIGN MILITARY SALES NAVY. You’d be surprised who gets our old ships. Mexico bought one of our old LSTs (bow opens up) and towed it to Mexico.
Sadly, some are taken out to sea and sunk. The venerable USS AMERICA CV-66 was recently taken out into the Atlantic and sunk(exact location is classified). Another ship I watched be readied outside my warehouse was the USS SPIEGLE GROVE LSD-32 was towed to off the Florida coast and sunk. However, instead of landing upside right, she wound up hull up. They finally got her resting on her side on the bottom. They were concerned that divers may enter the ship and become disoriented because she was upside down and attempted to right her. One of my old ships was recently literally cut up and scrapped. There are several ships in the James River here in Virginia waiting for their final orders. Those grand old ladies are a sorry and sad sight to see.
Oh, once in a while the Defense Reutilization Material Office has some small craft for auction to the public. One guy here bought an old ‘motor whale boat’ several years ago and refurbished it. When he was done, it looked and ran like a brand new one.
(USN, retired)

Mandy asks…

who knows a school in Albuquerque or nearby that offers pastoral counseling or psychology?

even online but accredited school.
I mean college that offers counseling education even online college with accreditation.

Tijuana answers:

I would probably google keywords like Catholic or Christian Colleges New Mexico.

I know my local Catholic College offers religious studies. You could call your local Catholic Charities office. I would imagine those who work with the general public have gone through some kind of training working in a Christian affiliated social services program.

Robert asks…

What world events happened between 1994-2007?

im writing a paper about it and Google isnt helping… =]

Tijuana answers:

We have had a couple different Presidents. Two wars. The pope died and a new one took over. Gas prices went over $3. Britney Spears went crazy. They invented a Hybrid car. Pluto is no longer considered a Planet. They sent a nuclear powered satellite to Pluto any way. It is going to top out at a speed of around 32,000 MPH. No Joke! Van Hallen made the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Saddam was executed. The Supreme Court is trying to determine if or not execution is constitutional. They are trying to pass an amendment to make gay marriage unconstitutional. Bill Clinton had an affair while in office. Affirmative Action was banned in Michigan. It is unconstitutional there now. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not an actor any more, he is California’s Governor. People used to like G. W. Bush Jr. But now we all hate his guts. Cell phones used to only be for Doctors and Lawyers, now very one owns one or two. Die Hard part 4. Simpsons the movie. You Tube and Ebaums world became very popular. Most cell phones now have cameras on them. An amendment that says Congress can no longer raise its own pay. Michael Vick is in legal trouble. OJ is in trouble again. Martha Stewart got in trouble. Enron got in trouble. Garth Brooks and a lot of other people in the US are mad at Wall Mart. Craimer, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Don Imus got in trouble for saying racist comments. Virginia Tech shooting (I believe the shooters name was Cho Sung Whe or some thing like that). Military improved technology on Smart bombs. They are now trying to invent a “Smart Bullet”. They are now allowed to use MOAB bombs and Bunker Busters. Discovery Channel has a popular show called “Myth Busters”. Several fires and other natural disasters around the US and the world. Iraqis got to vote for their own new leaders for the first time ever, thanks to the US Military. 9/11. The US is thinking about getting rid of most of the US bases in Germany. Iraqis are using sophisticated technology to make IED’s (Road side bombs). The car makers made an Electric car and took it off the market after only a short period of time and the feds made it illegal to make them any more. Windows ME, XP and what ever you call the new one. Bill Gates wants to retire. National debt. Shot way up. Clinton proposed a balanced budget amendment, they did not pass it. Hillary wants a national health care plan, so does Michael Moore. Obama, the first Black Presidential candidate. Hillary, the first Female candidate. They invented a car that can park itself. They are trying to make a car that will drive it self. There are a lot of hilarious pranks on the internet, sites like You Tube. One of the last shuttle missions had the first ever female commander on the shuttle. They are talking about sending another teacher into space. Bill Clinton was technically impeached by congress, but only by the House, not the Senate. Scientists have invented a Million different things. Way too many to mention here. Most of the time now when you want to apply for a job, most employers will not accept a paper application, you have to apply for most jobs on the internet. Immigration is a hot issue and people are talking about building a wall between the US and Mexico. The US has sent Thousands of our jobs over seas. Michael Moore made a few movies, Sicko, Ferrenheight 9-11, etc. A lot of people have put stupid videos on the internet saying, “Leave Britney Alone”. They invented a Dual Core Processor for computers to make them faster. Several celebrities have died. Disney now has a fast pass. You no longer have to wait in line to go on rides. Ft. Benning, GA does Army Basic Training now. Started that in ’98, first time they did that since Vietnam. Used cars are now called “Pre-Owned cars”. Mike Tyson bit off a guys ear. Michael Jackson tried for child molestation. Holly Wood writers strike. Australia is working with the US to make a gun that shoots One Million rounds a Minute. Britney Spears appears to have breast implants, but she denies it. Johnny Cochran died. Jeff Foxworthy- You Might Be a Redneck If…… Bill Engvall- Here’s Your Sign. FBI caught the Unabomber. Billy Ray Cirus, Elvis and Ozzy Osbourne, all their daughters have became famous for singing. Osbournes have their own MTV show. Bob Barker retired. Married With Children beat out MASH as the longest running TV series ever. Then the Simpsons beat that. Jack Ass The movie I, II and 2.5. America is mad at France, Germany and Canada for not wanting to help out with the war in Iraq. Every one hates France most of all and some restaurants have started calling “French Fries” “Freedom Fries”. Former Vice President Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his movie on global warming. Who Killed the Electric Car was a big movie. Coors and Budweiser are talking about merging. The cost of making a phone call from a pay phone is now about $1.00. Stamps went up. The value of a dollar dropped significantly. Germany no longer uses Marks, just Euros. American Idol. All most every country in the world uses Windows. It is translated into all major languages. American Pie movies. Kennedy Space Center in FL has a Space Shuttle Simulator ride. Lasic Eye Surgery is popular now. Scientists can now, in some cases make deff people hear. Our former planet, pluto, has Three moons. Two of them were recently discovered by the Hubble telescope. Internet dating is a very big thing now.

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