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Lizzie asks…

Sociology project over Mexican Immigration?

I’m a junior in college and a sociology minor. For a project we are having to study a specific issue or concern with Mexican immigration. Does not necessarily mean against Mexican immigration, I am actually very unbiased on this topic.

Please help. thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Are you speaking of Mexican immigration or illegal entry of Mexican nationals. If its against the law what they are doing coming across the border is not immigration its unlawful entry. And if you are speaking of unlawful entry, are you sure the topic is only Mexican nationals or outside nationals in general. Just seems that this topic is very very narrow for a sociology “project”.

If you are, in fact, only speaking of legal immigration on the part of Mexican nationals then any google of famous Mexicans in the US will provide you with a wealth of information. But if you are talking about illegal entries (and they are by no means all from Mexico) then here’s a tidbit for you.

My ex came in this country supposedly to study at a university in Arkansas in 2003. She had all the papers from her university in Mongolia to “substantiate” that she was coming for a short time to study and return to Mongolia. However, she never attended one day of class in the U.S.and never registered with the university. Instead, she worked “under the table” for three years until finding some U.S. Citizen fool enough to marry her (me). I learned of this fraud after the marriage. Ofcourse she was then able to obtain a green card. She has, since that time, acquired 5 charges for theft, and is permitted to leave the country and return with no consequences even though these crimes make her inadmissable and deportable. In addition, in 2010 she applied for student aid stating she did not possess a B.A. The fact is she has a B.A. And M.A. From Mongolia which has been accredited by WES. By this fraud she was able to obtain a Pell Grant and student loans to attend a massage therapy school. This is federal fraud and has been reported to the authorities with no action whatsoever. In fact, all of her illegal actions have been reported to ICE, USCIS, Homeland Security, various senators and representatives, the inspector general’s office for education and numerous other government agencies. Thus far, nothing has been done to rectify this flagrant abuse of the U.S. Immigration system.

Charles asks…

What are some intresting facts about Fransisco Cornado?

Tijuana answers:

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado
Although he failed in his quest for treasure to enrich the Spanish empire, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado led one of the most remarkable European explorations of the North American interior.

Coronado was born into a noble family in Salamanca, Spain, in 1510. He came to the Americas at the age of twenty-five as an assistant to New Spain’s first viceroy.

Within three years of his arrival in Mexico, Coronado had married the daughter of the colonial treasurer (which garnered him an enormous estate), put down a major slave rebellion, and become governor of an important Mexican province. But he wanted more. Inspired by rumors of seven cities of gold and the travels of Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado led a royal expedition of about 300 Spanish soldiers, over 1,000 Tlaxcalan Indians, and enormous herds of livestock north into what is now the American West.

In July 1540 Coronado and his advance party of Spanish cavalry encountered a Zuni pueblo, Hawikuh, which already had some experience with the Spanish. Estevan, one of the survivors of Cabeza de Vaca’s expedition, had led a small scouting detachment to the Zuni about a year before and the Zuni had killed him, they later explained to Coronado, because of his presumptuousness with Zuni women.

Coronado arrived at the pueblo during the high point of Zuni summer ceremonies. Understandably, they were not receptive to his recitation of the requirimiento, the standard Spanish exhortation to native peoples, which began with the order to “acknowledge the Church as the ruler and superior of the whole world, and the high priest called Pope, and in his name the King and Queen” of Spain. The next part of the requirimiento warned the Zuni that if they failed to obey orders “with the help of God we shall forcefully… Make war against you… Take you and your wives and children and shall make slaves of them.” Unimpressed but perhaps angered, the Zuni began firing arrows at the Spaniards, at one point very nearly killing Coronado himself. The better-armed and mounted Spaniards quickly entered the pueblo and forced the Zuni to flee.

Coronado and his men found no gold in the Zuni pueblos, which drove them to make even more arduous journeys. Coronado sent out parties that ranged all the way to the Colorado River on the present border between California and Arizona, exploring the Grand Canyon and much of what is now New Mexico. Coronado himself led a party in search of the city of Quivira and its mythic riches, into what is now Kansas, but found only a small village of what were probably Wichita Indians.

Disappointed, Coronado returned home to Mexico, where the Viceroy branded his expedition an abject failure. Coronado managed to resume his governorship, but within several years he was found guilty of numerous atrocities against Indians under his authority. He was removed from office in 1544 and moved to Mexico City to work in a modest position in the municipal government. He died in 1554, decades before the chronicle of his expedition was finally published.

Haven’t you ever heard of doing a SEARCH on or Yahoo! Search?????

Linda asks…

can i find out if someone was arrested today in new mexico?

my daughter was arrested today in new mexico i want to fjind her bail and charges

Tijuana answers:

The whole state?
If she is incarcerated then call the county corrections office (jail) she was arrested in.
Just google the name of the county and the word jail or corrections and “inmate locator”.
Don’t know the county name then google the town and you will find out the county.

Most counties the inmate locator will tell you the next court date, the charge and the amount of bond.
The web sie wil tell you how to post bond.

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