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Google Mexico Office

Joseph asks…

Post Office Need the address and phone?

What is the address and phone number to the post office in Pachuca, Hidalgo, MEXICO

Tijuana answers:

The following link gives many addresses for the post office. Since I do not speak Spanish I am not sure which is correct.

? ??????q ?

Lisa asks…

can you help ? trying to find information for marriage next year in Mexico.?

we are booking it through a high st shop, and they do have a wedding coordinator attached, but not that helpful, trying to find where we can get all the doc’s translated then notaried, before taking them to the commonwealth office and the mexican embassy.
many thanks.
answers to this question, only from residents of the UK, or if you know where in the UK to go ?
the GOOGLE option wont work as it has to be notarised by a spanish speaking solicitor.

Tijuana answers:

Google has an option to translate everything into spanish. Try searching for what your looking for, find it, then hit translate.

Susan asks…

What is your view of Australia?

Just wondering what other peoples view or ideas they have about Australia?

Tijuana answers:

I am an American, born and raised here..lived in both the East Coast and West Coast of USA. I have travelled extensively all over the USA and Australia, too. Many people have said good things and bad things about both countries. Now, I will tell you what I think is really the truth. No B.S. First, the similarities between the USA and Australia: Both countries are about the same size (excluding Alaska, which is extremely cold and very barren). Both offer freedom,democracy, human rights, and both are multi-cultural societies (USA is mostly white, black, latino, and some Asians; while Australia is mostly white, Asian, and 2% Aboriginals). In Australia, you can go to a nice movie theatre and watch the latest American movies, goto the video store and rent American movies and listen to American music on your car stereo. Australia has just about EVERYTHING that USA has: Costco, Target, Lamborgini, BMW, Mercedes, you name it; even Google has an office in Australia. Both USA (NBA) and Australia (NBL) have pro-basketball leagues. In Australia, you have access to american culture without having to be in the USA. But, here are the differences:Australia has a very manageable 22 million people…the USA has over 300 million and growing fast. This is due to Australia’s isolation in the southern hemisphere and strict and controlled immigration policy. Australia wants “highly skilled” migrants (they go by a ‘points system’, and you need 120 points) and those who have at least a working knowledge of the english language….USA will basically take everyone, with skills or not. Having over 300 million people and growing in the USA causes many problems on the whole infrastrature: traffic getting worse, public transit getting crowded, work environment getting more stressful and demanding, more competition for jobs, and more friction between people. I feel USA is just getting too crowded now, and it’s projected to get to 400 million people by 2030! Australia’s climate is much better. Australia is sunnier, warmer and doesn’t get the terrrible weather that USA gets. USA gets freezing temperatures (the midwest can drop to 30 below zero), and snowstorms, a lot of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and places like California experience earthquakes. They’re talking about the “Big One” that has a 99% chance of hitting California within 20 years. About the worst that Australia gets are bushfires, and some flooding in the northern part of the country. Australia has a lot of “exotic” landscapes and thousands of miles of pristine beaches. Australia is an island-continent, and does not have a big problem with illegal immigration. There are anywhere from 8-20 million illegals living in the USA, maybe more, because USA shares a physical border with Mexico. USA has the highest violent crime rate in the developed world; in large part because there are 80-100 million guns in the U.S. And growing, due to the 2nd amendment (the right to ‘bear arms’) …in Australia guns are illegal, and so there are very few guns and gun crimes. The USA is a high stress environment….Australia is much more relaxed, and laid-back…and safer. I also think many Americans are arrogant people, and many Australians are friendlier. Australia’s Minimum Hourly wage is equivalent to $US 13.00, while in the USA it is less than $8.00/hr. Australia’s income tax is 30%, in the USA it’s 28%. Property Tax (on housing you pay every year) is thousands of dollars lower in Australia than in the USA! That is a major difference. In USA, most employees get 1-2 weeks vacation to start. In Australia, every full-time employee starts off with 4 weeks vacation, but if you work in the healthcare field or for the government, you start off with 6-8 weeks! And after 15 years, everyone gets what they call ‘long service leave’-you get 13 weeks(over 4 months) vacation on top of the 4-8 weeks annual leave you normally get. You get 17-21 weeks vacation after 15 years of employment! In Australia, everyone is covered under free public healthcare, but in the USA, tens of millions don’t have health or medical insurance. Aussies can retire at age 60-62, but in America, the retirement age is 65-67.
I think Australia may be the BEST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

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