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Thomas asks…

How long does a carrier pigeon rest while on a journey?

I’ve been watching a carrier/homing pigeon outside of my office. It has been taking shelter under cars, I imaging it would have to try to avoid predators as the day/night goes on. What is going to happen with this pigeon in the next 12 hours?

Tijuana answers:

Ha! This is likely a pigeon that is sick or injured. Unless someone saves it, it will be dinner soon.

A pigeon would not rest on the ground. Something is very wrong.
I recommend you get a cardboard box and put the bird in it. A towel or shirt on the bottom would make it comfy. Then on the way home, stop at a feed store and buy a small bag of cracked corn.

At home pick the pigeon up an feel her chest. If her keel (chest bone) is prominent, she is starving. You may see external parasites on her. Ignore them for now. Drop some corn into the box and put a heavy dish of water in it. See if she responds. You may need to put a heating pad under the box to bring her temp up high enough so she can digest the food. Do not put food or water into her mouth.

Oh – she may not be easy to catch. Hold a large towel or jacket in front of you as you approach her and plop it over her and pick her up into the box.

Can you tell I like pigeons?

Anyway, if she survives the night, she may make it. You can Google – wildlife rehabbers and find one in your state. They may take her in.
I am in New Mexico and would be happy to help you. Email me off Yahoo Answers.

Robert asks…

How to change the default language settings on Word 2011?

Like the language of the overall program. I bought my version in Mexico now the whole program is in spanish. Please help!

Tijuana answers:

I think what you want is the language pack for the Mac version- Office 2011. You will have to Google this to see if it is available.

Joseph asks…

What Six Companies Gave Gary Johnson 100thousand Dollars when He took Office as govenor in 1995?

When Gary Johnson Took office as Govenor of New Mexico in 1995 six companies gave him 100 thousand dollars. Another 100 thousand was given to him during his second term. Wich Companies gave him the money? Where they the same companies both terms?

Tijuana answers:

He would NOT be the first politician taking “campaign funds”. Look around. Do a GOOGLE search for ALL politicians and their backing lobbyists.

Its easy!

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