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Google Mexico Office

Ken asks…

How can I find someone in Mexico?

They currently live in Ciudad De Los Niños in Naucalpan, Mexico. I’m don’t know how addresses in Mexico work so if someone could please explain that to me thanks.

Tijuana answers:

I’m going to start at the beginning by asking whether you have the person’s complete name and street address. If so, then you can go the route of sending a letter.

My recommendation when sending an important letter to Mexico is that you use an expedited service such as U.S. Post Office Global Express or Federal Express. Both require signatures. Tracking is an automatic part of the Federal Express service. You can get tracking with the Global Express service although with the new changes in service, I believe tracking is an additional cost. You want tracking to ensure that your letter actually reaches its destination and you can see who signed for the letter. Once you reconnect with this person, then use the normal route of sending a letter with a stamp.

At the same time you can go to a few search engines like,, and Enter the person’s complete name along with the city Naucalpan, Edo. De Mexico. Each search engine gives a different listing so you may find something that way. If that doesn’t work, try MySpace and Facebook. Don’t spend hours searching online. If you have tried the Internet for an hour or two with no success, then it’s highly unlikely that you will find the person you are searching for online. Most people in Mexico are not on the Internet.

As for the mailing address, I would recommend addressing the letter as following:

(Name) Juan Martinez Garcia
(Address) Street name and number, Col. Ciudad de los Niños
Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico C.P. 53450

Estado de Mexico is the name of the state where Naucalpan is located. It means “state of Mexico.” Edo. De Mexico is an acceptable abbreviation. The C.P. Means “zip code”. The U.S. Post Office likes to have the country name on a separate line.

You may notice that I have a different zip code than was offered in another posting. Both are correct; however, for Colonia Ciudad de los Niños, the zip code is 53450. There is another colonia called Ciudad de los Niños 2A Secc. That one has zip code 53459.

I recommend you spend a little time online. If that doesn’t work, then send the letter unless you do not have a current street address. If that is the case, you may want to check back to see what other options are available so you can find this person or add another comment and I can respond to it.

Richard asks…

Can I own a business doing AutoCAD for companies with out being an engineer?

I am starting a company doing more or less freelance AutoCAD work for companies like Welders, Capenters/stair railers, fabrication shops, custom machine shops, and some Architectul related work. And if theres any in depth requirements regarding Architectul i work with an Architect that would approve my drawings.

If you also have any suggestions feel free to leave some!

Tijuana answers:

If you want to work with architect’s, it’s a tough market with tremendous competition coming from China, India, Eastern Europe and Mexico. I’ve found competent companies who provide quality CAD services and project management in China and Serbia. At the current US rates for qualified drafting, ($50/hour), you can get rates from $2-12/hour in those other countries. I’m not saying not to go on this venture, I’m just reminding you to be realistic. Do you have a working business plan? How do you plan to get projects? You will have some upstart cost such as software, AutoCAD $4500, Photoshop $600, Microsoft Office $300, Google SketchUP $600. It’s crazy to start a business without legal software. It also looks as if REVIT will become a major component in commercial architectural practice. The hardware to run REVIT is much more dedicated, you will need a quality graphics card $1000.

Chris asks…

I am looking for a foreign student exchange program that will take me to somewhere in Europe or S. America?

I want to go on a foreign exchange student trip but don’t know which company to go with. Have tried rotary but am looking for something else. I want to go to europe or south America. Really want something that is easy and fun. I have also tried looking for ones through google anf yahoo but can’t find any good. Anyone know any?

Tijuana answers:

Try: ASSE International Student Exchange Programs

If you dont see your country of origin listed you still can use ASSE, contact the international office in the USA.

Taken from their website:
“ASSE International Student Exchange Programs is one of the largest international organizations dedicated to education through international student exchange. By living with the host family in a homestay setting, ASSE high school exchange students gain a deeper appreciation of their host country’s culture as well as perfect their language skills during their study abroad. Have you always dreamed of going to Europe? Or does Asia hold a special mystery for you? With ASSE, becoming a foreign exchange student has never been easier! Choose from a number of countries including: Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Africa, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. As an ASSE international exchange student, you won’t just travel abroad, you’ll learn about our world and its people from a completely different perspective. Still wondering if a foreign study program is right for you? Then read on or email us for more info on the opportunity of a lifetime”

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