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Google Mexico Office

Maria asks…

Does anyone know that name of the “naked indian” that is on a local channel in New Mexico?

I strange conversation came up in my office and I need to know the name of the Native American that is on a public access channel in Albuquerque, NM, he wears beaded thong on and a curtain behind him.

Tijuana answers:

His name is Don Schrader. Google [“Don Schrader” albuquerque] and then click on Images. The photos you see will be the guy you’ve mentioned.

Daniel asks…

I think this caller is with a scamming service so, does anyone know if Empereon Market is legitimate?

I get daily call from this man who claims he wants to sell the newspaper “global tribune”. I have never heard of this paper! That was my first clue this could be a scam. Then he never identified his company, but caller ID identifies it as Empereon Market (602) 889-3656. I have googled Empereon Market and all I get is an endless series of websites to report this number. I was wondering if anyone else has received these calls. I am also curious if an Empereon Market of Pheonix, AZ even exists.


Tijuana answers:

It looks like from what I found from a web search on google, that they are a marketing firm, that has contracts with Time Warner Cable, and a lot of local newspapers in different areas. Here is some direct contact information if you want to call them and be removed from their call list. Hope this helps. I also included a link to their direct website, again hope this helps you out.

Call them directly and ask to be removed from the list. Their numbers and contact info are below.

Arizona Office
3561 West Bell Road.
Phoenix, AZ 85053

Phone: (602)-889-3655
Fax: (602) 889-3650

Colorado Office
2953 S. Peoria St.
Suite 200
Aurora, CO 80014

Phone: (303) 337-6077
Fax: (303) 337-6086

New Mexico Office
2255 South Main Street.
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Phone: (505) 541-5550
Fax: (505) 541-5558

James asks…

Should we revoke the citizenship of those who are related to illegal immigrants next?

Arizona is finally taking the right steps.

We are just one step closer to a final solution for immigrant scum.

Tijuana answers:

I look at this proposal on the face of being subjected to a constitutional challenge of the 14th amendment.

Clearly the 14th amendment was created to give the children born into slavery the right to US Citizenship. It is was not intended to grant rights that developed from an illegal act.

I hope that Arizona proceeds with this law, in fact they should pass a law that states that if a pregnant women comes into a doctors office, citizenship would have to be proved REGARDLESS of race, every one of them should have to be verified to insure that the only children being birthed in this country are those that are here legally.

I would defy anyone to go into Mexico illegally and have a child and then obtain Mexican citizenship for that child. It would not happen and it would not happen in any other country either.

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