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Carol asks…

What was the annexation of texas?

Can someone explain what is meant by annexation, who it was by or what president and such, im really confused by what ive found searching for it on google.

Tijuana answers:

The Texas Annexation of 1845 was the annexation of Texas by the United States of America as the 28th state.

In 1836, the Republic of Texas voted to be annexed by the US. Initially, when the Texas minister in Washington, D.C., proposed annexation to the administration of Martin Van Buren in August 1837, the request was refused since the administration was afraid of wars with Mexico and Texas withdrew the annexation offer in 1838. In 1843, Britain opposed annexation, and President John Tyler, who did not want to do anything to help Britain, proposed annexation. Despite the fact that Mexican leader Antonio López de Santa Anna warned that annexation would be “equivalent to a declaration of war against the Mexican Republic,” John Tyler signed a treaty of annexation with Texas in April 1844. Sam Houston consented to the proposed annexation. A factor, always in the background, during the Texas Annexation discussions in the United States was the fear of the north that the slave states would gain representation when Texas was admitted as a slave state.

After James Polk, a strong supporter of territorial expansion, won the presidency, but before he took office, Congress approved the annexation on 28 February, 1845. On 29 December, 1845, Texas ceased being an independent nation and now has representation as a state as defined by the U.S. Constitution.

Both the Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas and The Ordinance of Annexation contains this language providing the basis for forming up to four additional states from the present Texas:
New States of convenient size not exceeding four in number, in addition to said State of Texas and having sufficient population, may, hereafter by the consent of said State, be formed out of the territory thereof, which shall be entitled to admission under the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

James asks…

How to get birth certificate?

My G/F moved out of her mom’s house and her mom left and we have no contact with her. My G/F is 18 and she is learning to drive. How can we get another birth certificate for her and she also was born in Mexico which makes it more difficult, but she is a legal U.S. citizen. She has no I.D. what so ever though her mother took it all. So how do we go about getting all these documents?

Tijuana answers:

I did a search on google, and this is the best result that I got:
I feel more comfortable with information from ehow than from some random website. Check with the school that she attended last, as well. They should have a copy of her birth certificate on file, as this is a requirement in most, if not all states. As it is probably only a copy, it wouldn’t do to take it to the DPS, but it should have all of the necessary information that this article recommends, such as parents’ names, place of birth, etc. A new social security card is easy to acquire, just fill out the form at the social security office in your city to apply for a new one. She will need to know her number, so if she does not have it memorized, the school should have that on file, as well. I would recommend that she apply to have the number changed, because if her mom would up and leave, taking all of the ID with her, she may very well try to steal your girlfriend’s identity at some point. Changing the SS number will make this much more difficult for her to do. Good luck, and I hope that everything works out for the two of you.

Mandy asks…

What does “She took a licking and kept on ticking” means?

No where in google seem to have an answer for this and I have heard it in a movie where some sicko sex offender for minors said it after raping and killing a little girl. and it just bugs me when I hear some one say it since, please help!!

Tijuana answers:

It’s a line from a old Timex watch commercial. Geez!

Slogan: “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” The new watch movement design faced resistance from traditional jewelers. Lehmkuhl made two more decisions that proved pivotal to the company’s long-term success. The company would go on to, or continue to pursue innovative marketing programs and develop new channels of distribution. A marketing decision was made to use the most credible newsman in the United States at that time, John Cameron Swayze, as a spokesperson for live torture tests on television with the tag line, “Timex – Takes a Licking and keeps on Ticking” – a well-recognized campaign in advertising history.[16][19] These commercials were developed by Hirshon Garfield as elaborations on tests originated by United States Time Corporation salesmen. The commercials included high-divers, water skiers, a dolphin, dishwashers, jackhammers, paint mixers and the propeller of an outboard motor, all torturing a Timex watch.[20]

Despite resistance from jewelers because of the low 50% markup, consumer demand increased and new distribution channels were opened to include department stores, cigar stands, drug stores and a host of other mass market outlets.[20] By 1962, the Timex brand held the number one market share position in the United States where one out of every three watches sold was a Timex.[20][16] Foreign markets were added with company sales offices in Canada, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Germany and Portugal as well as with distributors in about twenty other countries. Plants were built in the United States, Europe, and Asia.[21]

Edwin H. Land, co-founder of Polaroid Corporation, contacted United States Time Corporation in 1948 in search of a manufacturer for his cameras. A strong relationship was forged between the companies in 1950 resulting in United States Time becoming the exclusive manufacturer of all Polaroid cameras worldwide through the 1970s, totaling more than 44 million cameras.[21]

In recognition of the Timex brand’s worldwide success, United States Time Corporation was renamed Timex Corporation on July 1, 1969.[22]

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