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Google Mexico Office

Mary asks…

how can you find out the average property tax in new mexico?

Ive tried to google to no avail. I’m going to be possibly buying a home here and just want to know what to expect. I know what the mortgage and insurance might be but that’s my only question now.

Tijuana answers:

Find the tax assessor’s office web site for the cities/counties you are considering. They will have the mil rate.

Charles asks…

How do you obtain a mexican birth certificate when it was done incorrectly in the first place?

My girlfriend lost her mexico id and her birth certificate was done wrong at her birth. It does not list the mother or father. How would you obtain/correct this? Since it doesn’t have this information the place to get the mexican id says its invalid. Any ideas?

Tijuana answers:

Look.Here it is not the simple case.You know you will have to provide some documents like her parent specification and some other necessary documents too.You can inquire the criteria and all requirements from the county office and can fulfill it yourself.But if you don’t want to be indulged in these tiring working and to save your time, you may contact any service provider to get their services.You can find a lot of them on internet.I can mention one but you can google the internet for many others.

Michael asks…

How do i cash a US check in Mexico City?

I have a payroll check from the US, but I need to cash it in Mexico City. How do I do it?

Tijuana answers:

You might try a Bancomer or Banamex, which are large accredited financial institutions that have US offices as well. I’m sure they would have English speaking staff who could explain the process to you, and give you some advice about where to go if they can’t help you themselves.

If you are a US citizen, I know that it is possible to open a bank account in US dollars in Mexico, you just need to present valid US identification such as Driver’s license and/or Passport, and proof of address. Maybe once you have a bank account, you can cash your payroll check there.

I hope this helps, you can probably find more information on the web if you google search for banking in Mexico!

Best of luck to you.

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