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Maxi Cosi

Ken asks…

Can you have carseats in the back of a 2001 vauxhall tigra?

Iv got two children 4 year old and a 18 month old use carseats for both of them maxi cosi ones looking to get a cheap run around and found a vauxhall tigra 2001 reg doesn’t look huge amount of space in the back but will there be enough room for the carseats and will they fit thanks

Tijuana answers:

I don’t think a tigra is an ideal car for having seats in the back. It’s only a 2+2. No doubt the seats would probably fit, but personally I don’t think it’d be the safest thing to do.

You should be looking for a more practical car such as a Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa or Peugeot 106 etc.

Richard asks…

how long shall i use my newborn head and body support in my car seat?

my daughter is 4weeks old and the car seat i have used didnt have the support, i have just purchased a new maxi cosi car seat with the support but im not sure how long my daughter will need it for.
i forget to say about the back support, shall i use it all untill she can support her head?

Tijuana answers:

Most definitely use the head support till she can support her own head. Each baby is different in terms of how long they need them for.

If there is room in the car seat leave it in longer, it certainly won’t do any harm.

Steven asks…

Are forward facing car seats safe for a 4 month old?

My baby is getting to big for her portable maxicosi one and I’ve seen foward facing ones from birth in halfords Is this safe I heard they should be rear facing until atleast 6 month. Thanks x
Thanks – where can I get a bigger rear facing seat i’m in the uk.

Tijuana answers:

The car seats i get are forward facing suitable from 9 months or 20 lb:

my eldest 2 were the right weight around 8 months so this is when i put then in one, they did fine! Although 4 months is a little too young so i would wait a little longer! Im in the uk to, maybe worth lookin in halfords!

Mum to 3.5yrold, 2.5yrold & 6 month old!

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