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Maxi Cosi

Donald asks…

Is the Jané Matrix Light 2 Car seat/ carrycot airline approved?

This is in general NOT in a specific country. I’ve found that on websites such as Britax and MaxiCosi it tells you if they are or not but I can’t find a proper Jané website so any ideas?

Tijuana answers:

Check with the airline – they all have different rules about these things. It depends on the airline’s rules, the type of plane, the type of car seat (some are too big, or won’t fix properly), how old the child is (under 6 months don’t have a seat allocated, so you would have to pay for a seat) and possibly how busy the flight is as there may only be a limited number of suitable places to fix a car seat.

Sandra asks…

Will 2 car seats fit into a VW Beetle?

I am planning to purchase a 2003 VW Beetle and have a two year old. I am currently pregnant with baby #2 and want to be sure both car seats will fit! Help! I am currently using a Maxicosi convertible for my daughter and plan to get a Chicco Keyfit or similar for baby.

Tijuana answers:

Yes, don’t worry they will fit!
Not really much else i can say lol

Donna asks…

how to fit harness on MAXI COSI carseat please help?

Hi, does anybody no how to fit the harness on the maxi cosi stage 2 car seat(forward facing) I have taken this apart for washing and dont no how to fit the harness now 🙁 Does anybody no how to do this or no’s a website that will guid me though id be very greatfull. Thanks all in advance xx

Tijuana answers:

Page 42 – 44 of the manual:

Al;so – just wanted to make sure – but you did not submerge the harness in water (ie. Throw it in the wash)… Correct? If you did, it needs to be replaced. You can weaken the fibers by putting it in the wash with detergent and there’s no way to know if it will work as intended. You can purchase replacement parts direct from them (see the last page of the manual)

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