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Maxi Cosi

Ruth asks…

Is a Maxi-cosi cabriofix base compatiable with an X Reg (2000) Renault Scenic?

We have an X Reg (2000) Renault Scenic and we are expecting our 3rd baby at the end of August, I am trying to find out whether a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Easybase will fit in the back of the car ? I have tried looking on their website but it only gives me answers for cars aged 2007 onwards ? Can anyone clarify this for me.

Many Thanks

Tijuana answers:

Contact the makers directly :- BRITAX Support Email: Support Phone: 01264 386034. They are very helpful on the phone.

Carol asks…

Older Brother’s 2007 carseat can I use it for my daughter?

He had a Maxi Cosi seat in Penguin from 2007. Can we re-use this for our daughter who is 16 months and has outgrown hers? He just out grew it last winter.
It was never in a wreck.

Tijuana answers:

Of course you can, so long as it hasn’t been in an accident or hasn’t been recalled. I’d check to make sure it also hasn’t been recalled. They expire 6 years from the date of manufacture. The sticker on the side will have an expiration date on it.

Linda asks…

Does anyone know a great travel system that fits into a Nissan Versa?

My wife and I are expecting in June, and are having a heck of a time finding the right car seat/travel system for our Nissan Versa. Graco’s are too big and bulky, Chico’s stroller fit in the trunk (but that’s it), Maxi Cosi Mico’s base is completely unstable, and the Peg Prego’ handle’s are to short and we kick the wheels. Any suggestion without spending too much. (P.S. baby trend’s and evenflo’s are off the table.)

Tijuana answers:

I know you said no to the Evenflo, but I jsut wanted to share with you that we also have a Nissan Versa and we have an evenflo carset and it fits perfect in the middle of the back seat, it holds really good, we are using the seatbelt and the latch, so 2x’s as much hold. I honestly have not checked to see if the stroller portion of the travel system fits in the trunk, but the good thing is that when you fold down seats you have the two differnt parts to fold down, so the seat would still be able to be in a seat belt. Good luck finding something and hope this helped a little.

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