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Maxi Cosi

Betty asks…

maxi-cosi or graco nautilus convertible car seat?

Hi yall, my son is almost 1 and we are planning on buying his first big boy car seat, so tell me which one is the best of those two ONLY.
PLEASE only answer if you OWN any of those.
which convertible car seat is the best maxicosi or the graco nautilus? tell me which you own and the pros and cons.
thank u

Tijuana answers:

I have the Nautilus and like it. We’ve had it about a year now.

Its a good price and good protection. I think it’s a bit bulky, but all the convertible ones are.

Richard asks…

Next stage car seats – maxi cosi tobi or priori?

Does anyone have either of these?
What are the differences?
Which one do you have and why do you like it?

(I could go to maxicosi website myself but I am asking for reviews from Mums who have either one – Thanks)

Tijuana answers:


I bought the Priori two weeks ago and get along with it just fine. We chose it as he had the Maxi-Cosi stage 0 and his sister is in a Maxi-Cosi booster.

It is the isofix version so fitted straight in my Golf.

It is for age 9m to 4y so will do my son for another 3 years.

It has side impact bars and three recline positions.

The first time we went for a ride he wouldn’t stop giggling – all he had seen was the back of the back seat up until then – now he can see me 🙂

If you decide on this I’ll email you the link to where I bought it. Spend an evening ‘googling’ for the cheapest and ordered it (free delivery) 11.30am on the Thursday and by 10am Friday it was here!

Donald asks…

How do i remove the cover from my maxi cosi cabriofix carseat for washing?

I can get so far the whole cover is nearly off but i cannot remove it completly??? does it come away from the seat unit completly as i can’t get the adjusted strap off at all?

Tijuana answers:

This might help, taken from my manual. If you want to know more, the web site below has quite a bit on the Quinny range, especially the Quinny Dreami Carrycot and how it fits with the buggies, and the Maxi Cosi etc.

Removable seat insert
The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix has a removable seat insert to creat a flater lying position for newborn babies
and support the head in a sideways direction. When the baby is (approx 4 or 5 months) remove the filling
block to make the seat deeper, then you can still use the head support.

Removing the cover
• First remove the belt pads.
• Open the rim at the sun canopy as far as possible.
• Remove the cover from the hooks (8x).
• Remove the cover then from under the hooks and quick adjuster button.
• Pull the buckle tongue sections and adjustment strap through the openings.

Refitting the cover
• To refit the cover, carry out the above instructions in reverse order.
• Make sure that the lower section of the cover flaps over the uppersection.
• When closing the rim, make sure the sun canopy is stored properly in the rim.
• Fasten the adjustment strap under the shell again.

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