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Maxi Cosi

Richard asks…

Can attach a maxi cosi car seat to a bugaboo cameleon pram?

I have just bought a bugaboo cameleon pram and i was just wondering if you can put the car seat on it by itself?

Tijuana answers:

Yes you can put the car seat on the frame but you have to buy adaptors for it. You can get the adaptors pretty much anywhere and they cost about £30.

Mandy asks…

How do you remove the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix from the Quinny Zapp frame?

I have this car seat and Quinny frame which fit together using the special adapters. It clicks into place. To release there are two silver buttons which you have to press and lift of the car seat. Mine doesnt lift off! You have to really fight with the thing and it is taking two of us to get it off and stand on the frame, all with a newborn in the carseat….Any help would be gratefully received! Otherwise I’m going to have to ditch the Zapp and use another pushchair.

Tijuana answers:

Lol i thought i was the only one with that problem.

Just make sure when u place it in the adaptor it goes in easily and does click. What i did with my zapp was put something heavy in the car seat roughly the weight of my baby and tired it at home the easiest way of pulling it in and out and it helped me alot.

I couldn’t wait to use the other piece when my son grew out the car seat which i miss now cause the the pushchair weighs a ton and also its such a problem when my baby falls aslepe in the car seat and then i need to pull him out to put him in the push chair.

Anyway good luck

Mark asks…

Does the maxi cosi cabrio car seat fit in a vahxhall corsa? SAFELY?

Does the maxi cosi cabrio car seat fit in a vahxhall corsa? SAFELY Any web sites that may tell me? I have tryed maxi cosi web site and the cant answer.

Tijuana answers:

No Idea, I drive a Lexus.

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