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Maxi Cosi

Helen asks…

Where can i buy a spare cover for my Maxi Cosi SPS car seat? UK x?

Hi, im looking for a spare cover for my maxi cosi sps car seat. Mine looks really old and faded.
Id like black or a dark colour. Its the forward facing car seat. Ive looked on E-bay but there all £33 + delivery, which is a little more than i would like to pay. Any ideas?

Also has anybody ever dyed a car seat cover and did it turn out ok?

Tijuana answers:


Michael asks…

Trying to find maxi cosi happy flower footmuff?

Does anyone know where I can find a maxi cosi happy flower footmuff? I am desperate to locate one but have been unable to do so using google searches. I have been able to locate in the US but they are unwilling to post to UK. Does anyone have any ideas how else I can locate one?

Tijuana answers:

Try ebay. Most people will post world wide as well

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know if the Maxi Cosi Dreami carrycot fits the new style Maxi Cosi Mura pushchair?

My friend has kindly offered me her Maxi Cosi Carrycot that her son only used for 6 weeks so practically new and I was wondering if anyone knew if it fitted the new Maxi Cosi Mura pushchair. I’ve been told it fits the Quinny Buzz but my husband isn’t overly keen on that one!
Baby isn’t due until Feb so have a while to shop around! Any help appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

Yes it does

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