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Maxi Cosi

George asks…

Anyone knows anything about the Maxi Cosi Car Seat named Dori?

Hi, I´m looking for a car seat for my baby, the problem is that he is big! He is only 4 months old, but he has the size of a nine month old baby, so we can´t use his infant seat anymore… So i found a car seat named Dori from MaxiCosi, but can´t find any review and is not in the official maxicosi web page…

Can somebody help me please to find a review of find why is not in the official webpage?


Tijuana answers:

Everything that i could find is not listed in the USA plus there are no reviews as well and if its not rated by the NHTSA or this site then I would not be looking at it but instead checking other models, try this site it may help you….


Linda asks…

Maxi-Cosi car seat. When do i need to take the seat insert for newborns out?

I have the MaxiCosi car seat and am wondering when i need to take the newborn seat insert out. Is it when baby can sit up or just when it seems to get a bit small?

Many thanks in advance.
Yes it came with the maxicosi and is part of the car seat.

Tijuana answers:

Is this an insert that came with the seat? If not it should never have been used. Anything added to a carseat was not safety tested with your carseat. It can effect the way it protects your child and may void your carseat’s warrentee:

If it did come with your seat you can still take it out whenever you are comfortable doing so. It isn’t a necessary part of a carseat… It just makes the baby more ‘comfy’ when he or she can’t hold up their head on their own.

Here is more on this from this website:

“Head cushion/support – Many people prefer to have these for their newborns, hoping that it’ll help keep their child’s head from flopping around. However, unless it comes with the seat, it isn’t safe to use one. Only the ones that come in the seat have been crash tested and will not be a problem in a crash. If it doesn’t come in the seat, it can compress enough that your child could be ejected from the seat. If it is important for you to have this, look for a seat that is sold with the head support, which should match the fabric of the seat cushion. The other option is to use a rolled receiving blanket that does not go under baby or interfere with the straps at all. “

James asks…

Where can I find/buy the Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat in Canada?

I have bought a baby stroller that can be used with a car seat. The problem is that the ONLY car seat that the stroller is compatible with is the Mico infant car seat by MaxiCosi.

I am trying to find a store in Canada that sells this car seat, but so far no luck 🙁 I have found this seat at several stores in the United States, but unfortunately they do not ship to Canada.

Would appreciate any help on the Impossible Car Seat quest! Thanks 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Have it shipped from babies r us

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