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Maxi Cosi

David asks…

What is the smallest infant carrier on the UK market?

I am about to have baby no 3 so am looking to buy a small compact infant carrier pref isofix. Reason being need to fit 3 under 5’s in the back one on a booster in the middle and other in forward facing (we currently have Maxi Cosi) but as it is quite bulky can change

Tijuana answers:

Not sure – but also consider a slightly bigger one, where the handle bulge is higher up and comes over the top of the booster instead of the widest points of the two seats being at the same height. I’d take your two existing car seats to the biggest outlet you can find and ask to try everything 🙂

The other alternative might be to put one of the seats in the front and whoever was going to be in the front seat in the middle of the back. Rather depends on how wide they are though! And if you do this, you need to make sure your front passenger airbag is disabled. Or maybe a smaller booster seat for your oldest? That would be cheaper than replacing the Maxi Cosi. Argos do a very neat narrow booster.

Carol asks…

How do I choose a baby car seat?

I am having my first child and would like a baby car seat that is safe and legal. A few friends and family have recommended Maxi Cosi car seats but there isn’t a lot of info on their website. Does anybody have experience with this brand or where could I find more info or reviews.



Tijuana answers:

Hi Congratulations. Yes Maxi Cosi have a good reputation and I know a few friends and family who have used them and they are quite pleased.

My partner recently bought a Maxi Cosi CabrioFix for our daughter from this site They have some good advice and a good selection and all the products link to Amazon so its quite safe and ours arrived within a couple of days.

Which ever site or car seat you choose I hope all goes well for you.

Donald asks…

Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Car Seat. FAA approved?? Malayasian Airlines seat width.?

I am looking to take my Cabrio car seat onto a Malayasian Airlines flight to Australia later this year. Does anyone know
1. The width of Malayasian Airlines economy seats width?
2. If the MaxiCosi Cabrio car seat is approved for air travel.


Tijuana answers:

Not sure about the width of the seat, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the baby car seat being approved for air travel.
You are confusing car accidents, which the seat was made for, and aircraft accidents. If an event ocurred while you’re in the airplane that required it to be safe, there are really only two possiblities.

1. The airpane will crash hard, which negates having to use a “safe” seat, since everyone will probably die.

2. You will slide off the runway, which probably wouldn’t result in the need for a “safe” seat.

Just take the seat with you, you’ll need it for travelling in Australia anyway. If it’s too big for the seat, they can put it into checked baggage.

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