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Maxi Cosi

Susan asks…

Anyone owning a Volkswagen Shuttle van pls advise which baby car seat they use?

Has anyone tried the Britax Eclipse or Maxi Cosi SPS car seat in this van? Thanks a lot.
Thanks all for your help…its a bit tricky as we’re planning to rent the van for a roadtrip so we dont have it with us to test the baby seat

Tijuana answers:

As mentioned by a previous contributor Halford’s is your best bet for advice on baby seats they are all ISO standard so fitting into the VW Transporter Shuttle shouldn’t be a problem. One thing to remember though if you have a passenger airbag have it disabled before carrying a baby.

Steven asks…

Has anyone ever bought a re-conditioned child car seat?

I have seen a re-con maxicosi tobi – has been worked on by maxicosi engineers and comes with warranty like a new one would – but obviously it is cheaper.

Has anyone ever bought a re-con car seat?
Any advice?

They’re not used re-cons, they are original fault repaired re-cons (like maybe fabric issues or anything that would make it not *shop floor* saleable)
they have been rigouously tested by the original manufacturer, they aren’t unsafe!! For goodness sake!

Tijuana answers:

Is it from the man on ebay that sells the Quinnys too? If so, my Sister bought a reconditioned car seat off of him and it is fine. We bought out tobi for £200 from Mothercare and I definitely wish we’d found one online.

Thomas asks…

Should I match my car seat and stroller?

I am getting a red bugaboo bee, but the car seat brand I am going to buy from (Maxi Cosi) has two colors i like ; red and black like my stroller and pink and plumish brown which is a lot girlier than red and black. What should I do?
Sorry, the actual color is not pink and plummish brown its all pink.

Tijuana answers:

It doesn’t matter, your car seat will only be in use for up to 8 months or until your baby is 20 pounds then you must upgrade.

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