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Mandy asks…

What is the name of the little pixelated glyph you see on packages that takes you to the website?

It is like a pixelated square, i can’t find any infor on them. What are they called and how do they work…
It’s simular to that barcode but this is for websites. I think some people use them when replying on blogs.

Tijuana answers:

Are you talking about UPS packages?

If so, then that is a Maxicode bar code.

It is a 2 dimensional bar code that is used for sorting the packages from their origin, through UPS facilities and to the final destination.

You can read more at:

James asks…

I need a Maxicode barcode software.?

I need a Maxicode barcode software with export to png (not online).

Tijuana answers:

Try this:

Michael asks…

Is the USPS site, the only site that can track packages?

Tijuana answers:

Charles McKinley

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