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Donald asks…

How safe is it to drive through Mexico from the border?

My family and I would like to possibly drive through to Mexico and I’ve heard that there have been a lot of people getting pulled over and robbed and killed near the border and throughout Mexico. Also, at the border there seem to a be a lot of douche bags pulling people over asking for money to pass through… We have family over there and we’d plan on driving in a fairly new, fairly nice car… How safe is it, is it recommended? We’re Mexican but we wouldn’t have Mexican car plates, also, where would be the safest point of entry into Mexico? Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Dude the boarder is very wide so specify
It is best to travel bay day
I have done it many times
The vilolence is between gang members so none gange members are less likelly to be targeted
The thing you must be mindefull is if you have dark windows that would not be a positive thing.

Ideally avoid Ciudad Juarez and the small bordering towns. Make your crossing early in the morning so you would arrive to your destination before dark.

Even so I have travel on highways at night and it is quite nice. But if you don´t know the territory it is beter for you to be away form the border with day light

Violence is a media buzz

A lot of parts of Mexico have crime rates similar to Switzerland.
The reality is much worse in some cities in the US

Thomas asks…

How safe is it to travel to Mexico on bus and alone?

I am a 21 year old female planning on traveling from Houston, Texas to Puebla, Mexico to spend Christmas with my grandparents and then I’d be heading for Guanajuato for my friend’s wedding. So how safe is travel on bus to those destinations in Mexico? Any bus lines y’all could recommend? Any other tips, recommendations or suggestions are also appreciated, thanks for reading and taking the time to answer 🙂

Tijuana answers:

I am a single American woman and I live in Mexico. I have taken the bus to and from the U.S. With no problems. Mexican buses are far nicer than U.S. Buses. There are many good bus lines. Puebla and Guanajuato are gorgeous and safe cities. Show confidence, walk tall, do not act like a scared little mouse. People are very kind and helpful. Have a great trip.

Maria asks…

What is the cheapest airline to Mexico?

Hi All,
Im planning to fly to Mexico from Ankara,Turkey.Turkish Airlines doesnt have direct flight to Mexico and Aeromexico doesnt operate in Turkey.So,I have to see other flights,cheaper and preferably direct flights.I checked with Lufthansa,but is there any other cheaper flights? I would appreciate your suggestion.

Tijuana answers:

You are very likely looking at a North American hub as in LAX and on to Mexico city if that is your destination. I know Turkey is a US ally so you may not have issues with American transit Visas. As for Mexico you will need an Official Visa that will expire after 180 days if you qualify financially. Get yourself a flight from Istanbul to LAX and you are on your way. I am not saying it is cheap , you could try through Gatwick or Heathrow

There is an Consulado de Mexico @Kirkpinar Solack No 18/6
Ankara Turquia
Call ahead 90 312 442 0221

As for a Visa to transit through the US The Rabbit stores a lot of that info. I had several on a Thumb but too much work….Good Luck!!

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