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Charles asks…

What is the best place in Mexico for a family vacation?

We are looking for a place to relax in Mexico. We are a family of 5, middle class, actively interested in the culture and exploring in Mexico AND getting out of the cold. Our plan is to fly late March 2006 & spend a week playing on the beach, body surfing, hiking and any other fun outdoor activities. We also love authentic Mexican food.

Tijuana answers:

Well thats a tough answer, first of all i’m mexican if the money its not problem for you, Cancun it’s by most one of the finest beaches of México with a lot of activities, there you can find Isla Mujeres<a nice island with a very very beatiful beach, the sea there has no word description its simply caribbean blue but there is'nt a single wave, other places near Cancun are Xcaret and Xelha that are natural reserves with a lot of activities for the whole family, like snorkel, dive, etc. And even pyramids theres Tulum the only archeological zone next to the ocean in México thats the only thing that makes it special. Thats why Cancun is one of the favorite destinitations of México.
But let me recomend you something different, not a hiden beach, its a destination that has more fun, with xtreme activities for the hole family, like rafting in one of the most beatiful rivers, there are packages that incluye hosting, the rafting, gotcha, wall climbing, wall decreasing(i don't know how to say it in english), an early discovered archeological zone, some beatiful cascade visits that at my judgement are realy, realy beatiful, this trip is perfectly safe, you will decide the intesity of the activities depending on your family tastes and ages.
Concluding, if you are looking for the traditional go to Cancun, else, visit Veracruz at this beatiful sites sized of nature, culture, adventure.
Check the links, the place that i tell you is mexicoverde.
Al the other links are of Cancun variety activities

Thomas asks…

What is a interesting current event taking place in mexico that connects back to early spanish conquest?

In other words, what social issues of today in Mexico could be traced back to the social issues of mexico in the 1500’s. (social organization etc)


Tijuana answers:

Tough question. What comes to my mind is that the Spanish conquistadores came into a land with a highly developed civilization, completely destroyed that civilization, their government, culture, and religion. They forced the people tp give up their culture, language and religion. They created a country of a few rich land owners and millions of poor people. Mexico just became independent of Spain 200 years ago.and still suffers the “growing pains” of becoming an independent nation and correcting the wrongs of the past. The vast gulf between rich and poor is still present in many ways. The corrupt Napoleonic “justice” system is still used. Political parties and holders of public office are often controlled by the wealthy descendants of the rich land owners of the past.

Linda asks…

How much money should I bring to mexico?

My friends and I are planning our senior grad trip to mexico. We found deals for cheap hotels and flight. Now they’re worrying about spending money… We’re going from 3-5 days, haven’t decided yet. How much do you think we should bring to spend on food and souvenirs?

I mean… its mexico, can’t be that expensive right?

Tijuana answers:

You should expect daily expenses in Mexico to be close to U S prices. {In part, that is what the exchange rate accounts for.]

$60USD (or equivalent in pesos) per day per person for food and souvenirs. More for alcohol if you drink, taxis, and tours and activities. Best bet is to take some pesos, then get more there with a debit card at an ATM, or use a bank or concierge for advances from a credit card; and pay for the expensive stuff like tours with a credit card. [The cc will do the foreign currency exchange rate, and it is fair.]

Sage travel advice: take half the clothes and twice the money that you originally planned.

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