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Linda asks…

Why are the citizens of the US not illegally emigrating to Mexico and claiming rightful citizenship?

I mean, if it’s a numbers game, the USA wins, we have almost 300m and Mexico has less than 100m, even if all the people here from Mexico illegally go back to Mexico they will still not have more than us. So, why don’t people just move to Mexico and claim it as part of the USA? Is there any good reason not too?
La tinamigra
Actually, Americans are group of people made up of different groups of people that LIVE TOGETHER in this nation.

Tijuana answers:

Because Mexico actually enforces its laws on immigration and deports people there illegally.

Sharon asks…

How much money should I take to go to Mexico?

OK I’m planning to go to mexico (permanently) no later than January of next year because I want to start a new life away from everyone its kind of running away thing. I was wondering how much money should i take while I get a job and I’m planning to go to mexico city.
P.S I would like to know approximately how much money so I can begin saving from today.

Tijuana answers:

What makes you think you can just up and go to Mexico and work? You need $15,000.00 usd in the bank.
If you are Mexican that was a very important detail to leave out.

Have fun living on $5.00 usd a DAY. Mexico is not America`s 51st state! Lol

Nancy asks…

What is needed to take a family friends minor child into Mexico for vacation?

We are going on a weekend vacation to Mexico. Our daughter wants to bring her best friend who is a daughter of a family we have been friends with for years. Do we need anything specific to take her into Mexico with us?

We all have passports. She has a birth certificate and a student ID from her school with her photo.

Tijuana answers:

If you are FLYING, she will need a passport. Otherwise, she needs her birth certificate. YOU must have a letter signed by BOTH PARENTS and notarized giving you permission to take the child with you to Mexico. See website below and scroll down to section on “Minors”.

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