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Paul asks…

How is starting a life in baja california mexico for a us citizen?

i am 20 and i am planning to move to mexico il save up to about six months of rent and food would tht give me enough time to get a job and everything?

Tijuana answers:

You cannot just move to Mexico. If you are going to stay longer than 6 months, you will need a residence visa. This requires proof that you have at least $2000 a month income form the U.S. No proof, no residence visa. You can also go on a 6 month tourist permit and return to the border every 6 months to get a new one if you cannot qualify for a residence visa. However, you CANNOT work in Mexico without a work visa. You cannot get a work visa for unskilled work. You must find an employer to sponsor your work visa and write a letter to immigration stating he cannot find a Mexican citizen for that job. This means you need advanced education and great skill in a rare job like petroleum engineering or college professor. You cannot go to Mexico and just get a job in a bar or a store. Unskilled jobs may dirt in Mexico…that is why families live together…no one can afford to live independently. You nees to read visa requirements on the site below.

Carol asks…

What river did mexico claim as the boundary between texas and mexico? please answer?

I am trying to figure out this question too for my history review:

What river did mexico claim as the boundary between texas and mexico?
Please help!

Tijuana answers:

Mexico claimed the Nueces River — about 150 miles north of the Rio Grande — as its border with Texas. See the Wikipedia article on the Mexican American War

Donald asks…

What is the cheapest way of making calls to Mexico?

I live in the UK and call Mexico City frequently using phone cards which cost around 3 pence per minute, is there a cheaper way? I have used some phone cards with very poor quality in the past so quality is also a big factor. Thanks in Advance.

Tijuana answers:

Get skype… Cheap calls to mexico… U can call from ur computer and u can call directly to a mexican landline/mobile phone..

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