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Laura asks…

We are thinking about driving our car into Mexico. Any advice on auto insurance?

We are planning on being near the Mexican border and possibly driving into Mexico. What are the requirements for automobile insurance if I decide to drive into Mexico? Any other advice? I know, don’t drink the water, Montezumas Revenge. Thanks for your answers.

Tijuana answers:

Wow ! There are some really wrong answers on here.

Believe or not, most standard insurance companies actually allow you to be covered in Mexico. It is an endorsement, so it will cost a little extra. They will usually cover you within 75 miles of the border. Call your agent and ask.

Nancy asks…

Where in New Mexico can I see the Rocky Mountains?

My family is planning a trip to New Mexico. Where is New Mexico can I see the Rocky Mountains? Also Carlsbad Caves, my husband and I want to go see, but I think my 9year old will be bored, do kids have fun there? Kid Friendly?

Tijuana answers:

In the northcentral part of New Mexico is where you can see the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico.
Carlsbad Caverns is fantastic to see, especially if you like caves. They have several different cave tours just for kids. They have a bat flight program at night, which your 9 year old would probably enjoy.

For more information on Carlsbad Caverns:

Sandy asks…

How did the first person in Mexico catch the swine flu?

The first case was reported in Mexico. How do you supposed that dude got it?

Tijuana answers:

Hey, watch your language you 1st responder guy, easy on this woman she’s my friend. Well, to answer this question, it is quite a mystery but I am speculating this was a staged al qaeda attack that planned it perfectly on a spring break and timed it when obama was visiting this country. And the cases around the world did not come from mexico, these was brought in by al qaeda members who are in those countries… Canada, new zealand, etc… We are now entering a biological warfare… And how come the middle east is spared of this chaos? Okay, this is too much, I am just scaring you, but what if? What if…?

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