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Daniel asks…

What would be the best way to import small/medium quantities of candy from Mexico?

I’m from Mexico and I’m planning on opening my own business of mexican food products here in Edmonton. I need to lower the cost of the sending and get the product ASAP

Tijuana answers:

First what do you define Small and Medium? Some people consider small a truck load others a few boxes.

If it’s a few boxes……

For small or medium quantities shipped directly to you UPS or FEDEX is your best option. Nothing better exists that is as reliable.

If your shipping by truck loads or even half a truck load……
Find out the names of trucking companies you have seen delivering goods to Edmonton. Call them up and ask them if they provide trucking services from Mexico. If they do ask them if they have a lot of “dead heads” (truck is empty) or LTL (Less then Truck Load) shipments from Mexico to Edmonton. If they do then rates are very good and probably better than UPS or Fedex.

Jenny asks…

What is the nicest area for tourism in Mexico?

I’m planning a trip to Mexico for this summer, and was wondering what the best/nicest area was in Mexico. Any input helps.

Tijuana answers:

If it is “Sun & Sand then almost all of coastal Mexico is the best. The east side of the Gulf of Mexico from Veracruz is not very popular until one gets to South Padre island.
The Yucatan peninsula is very popular these days and attracts approximately 25% of the tourist population. Cancun gets an estimated 10% alone.
The entire west coast from Rosarito to Guatemala including the Sea of Cortes by Sea is nothing short of breathtaking and collectively attracts most tourists to Mexico.

If it is 5 star resorts and culture the Yucatan peninsula has a lot to offer with all the Mesoamerican Ruins to visit. There is no time to be bored during a two week vacation.
The best time to do the meseta or antiplano (Plateau) is of course during the summer months where it is cooler and dryer. There are too many great places up there to mention.

Chris asks…

Do you have to be a mexican citizen to rent an apartment in mexico?

im planning on moving to mexico but dont want to go through all the trouble of getting an fm3 visa. can i rent an apartment as a us citizen? or do i need to be a citizen or require a visa?

Tijuana answers:

A person who is here on an FM3 Non Immigrant Visitor Visa may rent an apartment. A person who is on a “Tourist Card” can rent an apartment. Many foreigners rent apartments and houses in Mexico. Some buy apartments or houses. Most landlords require that the renter own property in the same city or have a cosigner who owns property; strange Mexican customs.

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