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Sandy asks…

Is it unsafe to travel to mexico right now?

I have heard many stories about mexico being a dangerous place with fake taxis, fake cops, random shoot outs that you can get caught in, pickpockets and that I will be sexually harassed if I drink or I will get kidnapped if I dress well. I am planning to go to Puerto Vallarta in August and am wondering if me or my friends are at risk. We are all 18 and 19.

Tijuana answers:

The farther down in mexico you go, the worse, but some well known places, like Puerto Vallarta are fine, and you should have no problems there, i spent 2 years in mexico and nothing bad happened, but i was near puerto nuevo, like i said, it shouldnt be that bad

Betty asks…

What is the best city in mexico for the culture?

i am planning a 2nd trip to mexico. last time, i was stupid and went to cancún. this time, i dont want more tourism and more beaches, i want to experience the real mexican culture, and really see mexico for what it is. i am fairly fluent in spanish, so communication wont be a big deal.
thanks for you answer, they both seem to be true mexican cities, but between oaxaca and tlaxcala, which is more beautiful?

Tijuana answers:

Here is a link that highlights some of the wonderful parts of Mexico that I think you are looking for

Enjoy and good luck)

Charles asks…

How does Mexico have an impact on the world?

How does Mexico have an impact on the world economically, politically, and culturally? Thanks for all of the help. I’ve been searching the internet and cant find anything.

Tijuana answers:

First of all, we Mexico are the USA’s second biggest supplier of Oil. Does Britian supply oil to the USA? Second there are soo many foreign mining companies in Mexico taking our minerals and metals. And Britian – the Biggest Hipocrites that insult us mexicans, called, “Gold Corporation” is taking the gold and silver from Mexico. We have Mexico are the worlds largest producer of silver and guess who is taking it? The British and then they go insult us?

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