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Paul asks…

Is it true that Mexico attempted to build a nuclear weapon recently?

Mexico City, Mexico.

Mexico recently builded a nuclear weapon, But it can’t explode. They’ve recently tried to detonate it but the warhead was just smoky when you push the red button. There must be mallfunctions, or not enough Ingredients for the nuclear. Do they even certified to make such an arsenal?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is totally peacefull, we’ve not been in international wars in more than 100s of years… Im mexican and i never heard about this i think its all false rumors.

Sharon asks…

What are the best and cheapest places to visit in Mexico?

Where in Mexico is the weather best right now? My boyfriend and I are 24. We want to make a random trip to Mexico next week. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Take a cruise down to Mexico. That way everything is planned for you. Food, Shelter, and you can go off the ship.

Best consult a travel agency.

David asks…

How can I volunteer in Mexico or Central America for one week in the winter?

Does anyone know of any volunteer programs in Mexico or Central America that a high school student could participate in for one or two weeks?

Tijuana answers:

Hello SuperCee:

The former youth minister from our church is now in Oxaca Mexico. He and his family run a full-time ministry in the area, and host volunteers year round. Visit
For information about the family, and visit for more information on the Oxaca mission, and visit for more information on how to volunteer.

You might also visit the Habitat for Humanity website and investigate their programs for building homes in Mexico & South America.

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