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Lizzie asks…

What makes the Gulf of Mexico oil spill an international subject?

Hello, I have a research to do about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and I need to find what makes it an international subject. Does anybody know the answer to this question?

Tijuana answers:

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is an international subject because of it’s economic impact on trade, because it raised oil prices, because it forced global oil companies to re-evaluate their existing safety measure, because their were many countries drilling in the Gulf, etc.

Betty asks…

What type of legal Papers are needed, in order to travel from Mexico to Costa Rica?

Hey everyone! I am in mexico and wanting to visit Costa Rica, so I am wondering what type of legal papers I will need, in order to go there?

Tijuana answers:

If you are a citizen of Mexico or the USA you will need a valid passport that is good for at least thirty days and proof of return or ongoing passage. The airlines are not supposed to allow you to board at the departure airport with a one way ticket unless you are a citizen or resident of Costa Rica. If you are a minor you will need a letter of permission signed by your parents or guardian.

Helen asks…

How long is the travel warning to Mexico likely to last?

I’m planning to study abroad in Mexico this summer but my university due to school policy my have to cancel the trip if the travel warning is still in affect come May. Does anyone have an educated estimate for how long this warning may last?

Tijuana answers:

Hey there depends what state will you will study on if u go to borders towns like reynosa cuidad juarez tijauana u will come back on a coffin becuase drug lords are there based central and south mexico are very safe to come ok

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