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Mark asks…

What papers do i need to take my dog on vacation to mexico?

I go to mexico on vacation at least once a year. I just got a Siberian Husky puppy a couple months ago and im planning to take me to my yearly vacation.
What papers do i need to go from the U.S. to Mexico and back?

Tijuana answers:

Ask your vet if theres any types of extra vaccines your pup needs to go to that part of mexico. Other than that the airlines require the dogs shots to be up to date.

Joseph asks…

How much is a bus from mexico city to tapachula chiapas?

Does anyone know how much a bus is from el ciudad de mexico to tapachula chiapas? Is there a website i can go to too find all this out? Or is there any other way to get there other than a plane?

Tijuana answers:

The bus mexico-tapachula costs:
$ 890 mexican pesos and takes 18 hours to arrive
I leave you the web where you can take a look.

enjoy your trip!

George asks…

How is Mexico affected by the fighting between Israel and Palistine?

I’m having trouble finding information on Mexico for this topic. How is Mexico directly or indirectly affected by the battle of land between Israel and Palestine and how does it concern mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico and Israel have had diplomatic relations since January 1950. Throughout the years, they have maintained close relations with each other. In 2000, a free trade agreement was signed between the two nations. Mexico has also purchased arms from Israel and it’s one of Israel’s closest allies in North America.


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