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Mexico All Inclusive

Mary asks…

Where do you find the cheepest all inclusive vacations?

This is from Canada to the Mexico and Carribean area? Are last minute a lot cheeper than say 2 months away?

Tijuana answers:

You can try – or

If you’re looking for last minute deals, you can go into any of the tour operator sites, and look at their last minute deals

try –

In the high winter months, sometimes its hard to find a last minute deal. I’ve found some dirt cheap holidays to Mexico in March. Be prepared to leave within a week

David asks…

What is the best deal for an all inclusive 5 day trip to the Caribean?

I am trying to find a site or any kind of advice on finding an all inclusive trip to the Caribean for $750-1000 per person, or even less, including all inclusive trips (drinks, food, good hotel and flight). Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Check the Royal Cancun Resort in Mexico. It’s an all-inclusive resort with ocean-front suites, jacuzzis, personal balconies, semi-personal pool areas, spa, restaurants, and more. It’s really great and I got a great deal for less than $700 per person. Oh! But it’s adults-only. If you are looking for family resorts, you can check out all-inclusives in Cancun and Punta Cana.

Richard asks…

All Inclusive Spa hotels long haul where the treatments are included?

Does anyone know of any all inclusive spa hotels abroad where all the treatments are included in the price? What’s the hotel name and where is it?

Tijuana answers:

Willow stream spa package or mexico spa resot.
They have a 50% discount on hotels.

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