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Mexico All Inclusive

Donald asks…

what all inclusive resorts would you suggest for my family?

My family is planning on going on a tropical vacation next Christmas. The last resort we went to was El Cozumeleno in Cozumel, Mexico. The resort was prefect because it was the nice middle size and offered enough options without being overwhelming. Our family is looking for a small-middle size resort that is a great value. We don’t really care where it is. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

I recommend Beaches which is the sister to Sandals but for families. There is a current sale and to learn more and get prices and booking onformation just go to my link below.

Have Fun!


George asks…

How much spending money is needed for 2 week all-inclusive in Mexico?

Hi there!

I’m going to San Jose del Cabo, San Lucas in April. I’m staying for two weeks at an allinclusive resort. I’m mainly planning on relaxing, doing some shopping, and on occasion venturing out of the hotel for a taste of the towns afordable restauraunts. I may take in some exursions, depending on how my cash flow is.

How much spending money should I plan on spending?

Thanks for your help on this?

Tijuana answers:

You probably won’t need a whole lot. Though of course it all depends on how extravagant you get while doing “some shopping”. I can shop all day and spend a few pesos. My wife can shop five minutes and rack up thousands of dollars on her credit card.

I think you’ll want to spend at least $100 on souvenirs. An “affordable restaurant” might be $10 per person (though you might want to splurge — I always like to do really NICE restaurants at least once or twice on vacation and might spend $100 for dinner for two). Taxis and buses will eat some money: figure $30/day for taxis or $10/day for buses. You might want to do some activities, but what those cost depends on your interests. Golf fees? A fishing charter? A day-trip with a tour guide?

If it were me, I’d probably figure on $1,000 in play money for 2-weeks.

Sandy asks…

What is the most romantic all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean to go to for a honeymoon in January?

My husband and I just got married in June. We want to go on our honeymoon in January, and want to go allinclusive. We are pretty sure we want to go to the Caribbean. We have been looking at Sandals, Breezes, Couples, and Club Med. Our budget is about $4,000. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Skip all of the resorts you just mentioned, I have been to all of them and they are nothing compared to Grand Lido, Negril Jamaica or the Maroma resort in the mayan riviera, mexico, TRUST ME!!!
Ask your travel agent, these two are by far the BEST!

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