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Mexico All Inclusive

Carol asks…

When does off-season start for flights to Mexico, and whats the best place in the Mayan Rivera?

I’m looking for great deals from Calgary Canada to the Mayan Rivera early next year but don’t know when off season starts and also any suggestions for a great all inclusive there.

Tijuana answers:

I found that the best hotels in that area are the Iberostars check them out they are reasonable and top notch

Maria asks…

On average, how much would I spend on a trip to Mexico?

I’m planning a trip to Mexico but idk how much money I need. Have you ever traveled abroad? How much did you spend and how long were you there?

Tijuana answers:

Are you going to stay in a small hut on the beach or a five star hotel? Will you have a cabin you can cook in or go out to eat for every meal? Do you want to take care of all your needs yourself, or go to an all-inclusive place? Will you drive or rent a car? Are you flying?

As you can see, there’s really no way to tell you without knowing what your needs/wants are.

Sandy asks…

What is the good all inclusive place to stay in Acapulco? What interesting to explore about old civilizations

What your recomendation for 3 Russian women? For us it is first trip to Mexico. Is it possible to rent the car there, explore 3-4 day and after get Acapulco? Or you know better place? What the most interesting to see behind the coast?

Tijuana answers:

I would recommend that you fly into Mexico City. You can find all main international Car Rental Companies at the airport. I would recommend that instead of renting a car you take a bus, right there at the international arrivals hall at the airport, skip Mexico City and go to the next city on the way to Acapulco: Cuernavaca. It is only one hour south of Mexico City, there you can visit the Palacio de Cortés Museum which houses exhibits as old as the original inhabitants of the Cuernavaca Valley, the Tlahuica Civilization and as modern as the Diego Rivera murals. Spend a night there, there are from many affordable hotels to big resorts. You can continue visiting Cuernavaca for a day and do a side trip to the ruins of Xochicalco, another ancient civilization who built their city atop of a hill with a breathtaking view and is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take the bus back to Cuernavaca. Take a bus to Taxco. Taxco is considered Mexico’s Silver Capital, from the colonial times (16th through 19th centuries) it’s silver mines have turned the charming mountain typical town into a mecca of silver jewelry and art. Spend a day there. Shop. Party. Leave at 2AM, take an overnight bus to Acapulco 4 1/2 hours away. Have breakfast in wonderful Acapulco. There are many all-inclusive resorts in the huge Acapulco metropolitan area, ask for one on the “Costera”, main central avenue. That will keep you within walking distance of the main attractions and right at the beach. An interesting museum to visit is that of Fuerte de San Diego. Fly back to Mexico City. Enjoy.

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