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Mexico All Inclusive Family

Betty asks…

All-inclusive family resort?

We are planning on taking our 4 children on a vacation in January 2009. Their ages are 14-12-10-9. Somewhere where the kids can have fun and we can relax. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico and Dominican are always good! In Dominican i would say Bahia Principe is the best, in Punta Cana. Awesome beach, food and the people are great! It is a 5 star, lots of pools, and activities. Rooms are very clean and dry, no damp feelings in there. In fact i would say Dominican over Mexico if you are going to bring the kids! They will love it!

James asks…

all-inclusive family friendly resorts in mexico…?

kids ages are: 15, 14, 11, 9 and 3. someplace where kids can snorkel, para sail, jet ski, etc. while fun for adults to. We have looked at places in playa del carmen and cabo. any recommendations? we LOVE the beach. white sand and clear water please!

Tijuana answers:

I agree with the previous poster. We’ve have been to two Dreams Resorts and are continuing to keep visiting their locations, they are that great! Check out DReams Cancun Spa and Resort. Awesome awesome resort. They have a wonderful kids club program, they treat your children like one of their own! Three separate families went there and we would all go back in a heartbeat! You will be treated like royalty, best all inclusive with 5 restaurants, 5 bars and the food is great and unlimited premium beverages. The resort offers two different sides of beach to swim on, along with a lighthouse, and swimming with the dolphins right on the resort! Many activities are also included in the price including bungi jumping, water trampoline, water/beach volleyball, olympics, frisbee, football, kayaking, too much to list. You will enjoy it so much. You can get a great deal on this resort just watch prices. October is the cheapest month to vacation, enjoy!

Jenny asks…

All Inclusive Family Vacation?

I want to take my kids to an all inclusive (maybe tropical) resort. I want a resort that has a lot of activities for kids (15 and 8 year olds). I also do not want to get a passport. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Hi, things really depend on where you want to go, and the US has implemented some new passport rules in the last year…this site is a good jumping off point to start figuring out where you can go without a passport (there’s lots of info links), it’s just not as easy as it used to be-

There’s a really good site for checking out all-inclusive resorts, Mexico might be a good option. I have heard good things about Cancun- Try, you can put what you want and it will pull up resort options based on your query…

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