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Mexico All Inclusive Family

Laura asks…

Need an all inclusive family resort deal, the week of Christmas, cheap?

Tijuana answers:

Check out Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico. Your family will love the resort. Often they include free excursions in their all-inclusive price, like swim with the dolphins or a trip to Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women).


Also check this site for more ideas.


Linda asks…

Should we stay at an all-inclusive or rent a house?

We are going to Mexico for a family reunion. There are 5 families going (about 20 people). Ages from 3-51. Should we stay at an allinclusive or rent a house? We are not big drinkers and don’t want to just read books at the beach. What are your experiences with the two options? Currently we are leaning towards renting a house.

Tijuana answers:

I think they will be very different vacations based on your decision but I would think that renting a house would make it much more of a family time. If you are at a big all-inclusive resort then you are going to be in with a few hundred other people. I think it would be easier to be more focused on just your family if you rented a house.

Not sure what time of year you are looking at but at least in my area, (Chicxulub Pto-Progreso, Yucatan) beach houses would be near impossible to find for the months of July and August and the two weeks leading up to Easter. Outside of those times then there is usually lots of availability and prices can be very reasonable. Though a house big enough for twenty people is going to cost a bundle at any time.

Mary asks…

I would like to know if anyone has stayed at a all inclusive resort for family’s in cancun mexico?

Can you tell me some places that you would say would be very nice to stay for 8 days? thanks we will be going in sept 2011 and i just wanted to get some ideas

Tijuana answers:

Next year is a long time away. But here goes. It depends on what you are looking for? A relaxing do nothing stay at the property and enjoy life or be close to the action and go on tours. These questions need to be addressed. I could give you a list but that wouldn’t help. Starting with Cancun you would want to stay on the Isla de Cancun ( the Hotel Zone) not in the town of Cancun as it is 11k away from the beach.The town of Cancun offer great hotels at less of a cost. In the hotel zone which runs for over 22.5k have the most popular resorts. The hot spots for party and action is towards the northwest of the Isla. The hotels are spread out and the need to take a taxi or a city bus is a must to get around. Next option is the hotels south of Cancun on the way to Playa del Carmen and Tulum the Riviera Maya.These hotels and resorts are newer and more of an oasis away from it all. They will offer you all you want to do on their property. Security is tight and all are guest only. Now we reach Playa del Carmen here you will find a small town with the famous 5TH Ave. Running the entire length of the town and never 2 blocks from the Caribbean and the beach. 5TH Ave. Has shops from all over the world offering you a variety of items. Not to forget the bars and restaurants from every country. Never the need for a taxi or bus as it is all walkable. Hotels here range from 60us a night to the all inclusive 5 diamond hotels. South of here is Playacar a resort community with all, all inclusive hotels and resorts nothing taller than 3 stories and all private and secure. A distance back to Playa but you will find everything you need here except the hot night spots. Here are a few of my favorites.
Crown Paradise Club Cancun, is the best in my opinion for a family all inclusive resort. Situated on great stretch of beach. With family in mind.
The Royal Cancun with over 250 rooms this hotel opened 3 years ago and is on the most beautiful beach in Cancun.
South of Cancun is the Moon Place Golf and spa. Here you are in heaven. Everything you want is here. You will not want to leave. Many of my family and friends have stayed here and loved every minute.
Playa del Carmen there is only one 5 diamond The Royal. Here you have one of the most beautiful hotels in all of the Riviera Maya. Great views of the morning sun rise and the lights of Cozumel at night. Here they offer a wide variety of children activities. The staff is above excellent.I know my son works here! And several friends and students of mine as well. You will not be disappointed!
Playacar south of Playa del Carmen The Royal Hideaway. Like the name says you are in a royal hideaway. Here I know the general manager and have been a guest of his several times and the food the service and the isolation makes you feel like you are on an island all your own.
Hope this helps. If you got another question just ask or contact me directly as I will get back to you. I live just south of Cancun in Playa del Carmen.

¡ Hola y Bienvenidos a Mexico!

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