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Mexico All Inclusive Family

David asks…

What is a good holiday destination for my family?

We are planning a 2 week vacation for next march. Our family consists of 2 adults and 2 kids (will be 15 and 13 next march). Last year we went to Hawaii and the year before was Mexico. We have done some all-inclusives. We like the warm weather and want to be occupied. We will fly on airmiles and would like to keep the rest of the budget below 7 or 8 thousand.

Tijuana answers:

New Zealand.
I live here, and its beautiful.
The weather is great and it is such a safe country 🙂
We’re next to Australia and below Fiji.
There’s heaps to do here

Charles asks…

is it safe to travel to mexico during spring break?

i haven’t heard that much about the drug wars in mexico, only that the crime and murder rate is very high.
i’m planning on flying to puerto vallarta with my friend’s family for spring break and i am not sure if it’s safe
we’re staying at an allinclusive 5-star resort

is the security greater there? any info on the drug wars around puerto vallarta? is puerto vallarta safer than other places? should i still plan on going next month? please be as informative as you can.

Tijuana answers:

Just go–you’ll be 100 percent safe in Puerto Vallarta.

The only real problem in Mexico are in the six states that border the US:
Baja California
Nuevo Leon
Outside of those states, Mexico is safer than any big city in the USA.
There will probably be more murders and robberies in Houston, Tx, this summer, than there will be in the other twenty-five states of Mexico combined.

Lizzie asks…

Any since tipping when you check in to all inclusive in Mexico for better room?

Heard if you tip ahead of time you can get a better room. What is considered a good tip at an all inclusive in Mexico. I plan on tipping esp. for drinks and maid but is a dollar here and there good enough?

Tijuana answers:

Anytime you tip at an all-inclusive it betters your vacation. I know most people and brochures you read say “no” tipping allowed, but that is nothing to go by. The employees work very hard at these resorts to make sure you enjoy your time and rely on your buck to support their families. I’ve talked with some of these employees in Mexico at the resorts and many of them work 16 hour days for only a fraction of what other people make. They appreciate any kind of tip you give them and more importantly it makes them feel better about themselves.
If you take care of them they will be like your best friend.
Now, on how much to tip that is up to you. I usually tip too much or I am “very” generous. Everytime you get a drink you don’t need to tip. Usually it will be the same bartender for almost the whole day so I will order a few drinks then every so often give him $5. Another thing I do and you can also try is at the start of the day when you start drinking just give him like $10 or $20 and you will be guaranteed great service all day. If there is a waiting line to get drinks the bartender will go out of his way to get your drink first and not only that he will hand it to you with a smile and say enjoy…Mr. Smith! They familiarize themselves with you because if you will probably be there for a week. I tipped this one bartender so well that we were out in the hotel zone of Cancún and as our bus pulled up to our stop by the hotel we were staying at the bartender was waiting to get on to go home for the day and he seen us getting off and was nice enough to stop and say hi and see how we were enjoying Cancún. So, yes if you tip them they are extremely appreciative of it.
Also, if you leave some money for the maids they will enjoy it also and I know it doesn’t matter, but they will make cool animals out of the towels for you and leave them on your beds. It’s just their way of saying thanks and it’s a nice gesture. Usually a few dollars a day or again $10-$20 for your whole trip.
As far as tipping ahead of time…that won’t work to get a better room.
To get a better room he is the trick…when you get to the resort get comfortable and then if not the first day by the second day ask to speak to the manager of the resort. Tell him/her that this is your 2,3,4 whatever time staying there and you always like coming to whatever resort you are at and you have even sent friends and family to the resort and they usually will upgrade your room and even give you a bottle of champagne.
Last time we did this we ended up on the top floor. It was a penthouse suite only accessible by elevator and there was a hot tub on the balcony of the room…it was nice!
You can try to give them money for a better room, but if you don’t talk to the right person you won’t get an upgrade. It’s all about knowing how to talk to them.
So, tipping is just however you want to handle it. There really is no right or wrong with it. Just what you feel comfortable in giving.
Hope I gave you some insight. Good luck and enjoy your vacation!!!

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