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Mexico All Inclusive Family

Michael asks…

What should i do about phones in Mexico?

I’m traveling to Cancun allinclusive for a week with my family. We currently live in Ohio and use Verizon as our phone-provider. It is incredibly expensive to text or make calls in Mexico. What is the cheapest way for a family of four to communicate in Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Get a go phone

Sandra asks…

what is best hotel to stay in cancun mexico?

i am planning a summer vacation in cancun, mexico with families and children. what are the best hotels (or with all inclusive) to stay? what are the activities can do with children?

Tijuana answers:

I personally would stay at a family friendly condo. It’s so much nicer to have living space where you can put a movie on for the kids and keep all their favorite foods on hand. I attached a link to a really nice condo in Playa del Carmen, just south of Cancun.

Have fun!

Laura asks…

What to expect when going to a Mexican resort?

I’m from Canada and I’m going to an all inclusive Mexican resort soon. I hear alot of people get items stolen from their carry-ons AND their checked luggage. Can I put a lock on my checked luggage?
Is there a chance hotel workers will steal stuff when they do their daily housekeeping in my room?
Also, can I expect to find any spiders or lizards crawling around outside or in my hotel?

Tijuana answers:

First rule of thumb is to leave as many valuables as you can at home. Most if not all Hotel Maids get paid the minimum wage and some support their families(6.00 CDN a Day) plus tips.
Here in Canada some maids may not care because there is always the Welfare office. Not so in Mexico.
Do Not take Cash with you , there are ATMs all over Mexico and you are best to take out enough to last several days.
Your first time in Mexico ? Forget about all the stories you have heard . Mexico gets 20 Million tourists a year, of course you will get some sort of problem like we do here.
So, at this time of year you are probably going to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta and both are very secure and safe as you will see for yourself.
I have not missed a year since 1970 and have spent a grand total of 160 months with only One incident and that was getting my pocket picked and they got $20 CDN and believe me I have taken some risks that even I shake my head about.
Leave your passport and any other things in the Hotel safe. They say you are required to carry the FMM tourist permit with you at all times. I have been asked a few times but only once on land. They are more interested when you sail from port to port.
BTW the tourist permit that you get on the plane…don`t lose it, you are required to surrender it when you exit Mexico.
From T.O salud!!

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