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Mexico All Inclusive Family

Sandy asks…

Where should my family go for spring break?

My mom and I want to go somewhere for spring break. We live in VA so somewhere on the East Coast or close to there. we were considering Disney, Georgia, or Florida. We would like warm. Some extended family might come. A cruise MIGHT work but last year we did one with my Grandma but we didn’t do anything fun.(excursions) Please say where and what there is to do there. (not shopping though). If you want the 10 points please be thorough. Oh and not to expensive.

Thanks so much!

Tijuana answers:

My family is partial to Disney. Right now you can book 4 nights and get 3 for free and it would be a fairly short drive. In Orlando you can also buy tickets for Universal Studio’s and Island of Adventure for $99 that are good for 7 days unlimited park to park. I had really good success going onto and booking hotels. If you don’t care where you stay you can name your price and bid what you want to pay for 3 or 3.5 star hotels or higher (I bid $50 and got a really nice hotel). I’ve only booked holidays leaving from Canada, but usually has some really good deals to Mexico or Dominican all inclusive resorts if that is something your family might enjoy?

Robert asks…

Does anyone know of an All Inclusive Resort in Mexico where kids 14 & under stay free?

We’re a family on a budget and have 2 kids, 14 & 10. Does anyone have any ideas where to look for good deals or have any resort recommendations? It would be wonderful if we could find a resort where kids 14 & under stay free. Thanks!
I would also appreciate people not responding if they really have no REAL input what-so-ever.

Thanks again!

Tijuana answers:

I think the cut off is usually 12 and under. I have been planning a trip to mexico the last few weeks and that is all that I saw.

Mandy asks…

WHat is the best time and place to travel with kids to Mexico?

My wife and I have three kids (13, 11, 8). We have never been to Mexico as a family. I would like an All Inclusive, but as we often do, we don’t need two rooms. Most hotels, if we tell them we are traveling with 3 kids won’t let us stay in one room. With an All Inclusive I would thiink it near impossible to do this and get all three kids all the All Inclusive benefits. Any help and ideas would be appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

If you want beach, you can try in puerto vallarta, cabo san lucas, nuevo vallarta, cancun, acapulco, huatulco, and mazatlan are the most popular beaches in mexico, all have All inclusive, you can see in a travel agency…and in all All inclusive have lots of activities for kids since 3-years-old, until 18, even more, so is a lot of fun in the beach…

Also you can go to a small town, is more relax, or a big city too, like guadalajara (beautiful city), or mexico city( really nice), or another city….

And in the biggest cities have too lots of things to do, like go to museums, big malls, comercial centres, historic things, fun parks (like six flags), and etcetera…

So, i hope I helped you.

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