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Mexico All Inclusive Family

William asks…

How can i stay thin when i go to an all inclusive resort for vaction?

im going to mexico for vaction and im staying at an all inclusive. I usually dont eat very much at all ( usually around 1200 calories) everyday while im at home, and im scared im going to gain weight. Im going with my family so were definitley going to be eating dinner together and what not. I dont want to gain weight! what can i do/ eat to prevent this?

Tijuana answers:

When I went on a tropical vacation I thought the same thing would happen to me, however the water made me very sick. I drank tap water and apparently it was contaminated (gross I know) which caused me to have bad diarrhea. The only good thing about this is that I did not gain ANY weight but I ate like a horse.

Laura asks…

Best place to vacation in the Caribbean for a family of 14 people?

We are a pretty big family looking for the best place to vacation for 1 week in the Caribbean. Mostly everyone is over 21 years old except for two people who are 16 and 17 years old. We don’t want to go to mexico, puerto rico, cuba, or dominican republic. Anywhere else is fine.

Tijuana answers:

As much as I hate ALL INCLUSIVE, that may be the best place for a group as large as yours. There are hundreds of them.. All cut out by the same cookie cutter and none with any class.. But for a large group, it would be your best bet.. And I refused to NAME any specific all inclusive because I hate them so much. YOu can easily go to GOOGLE and look up ALL INCLUSIVE RESORTS.. CARIBBEAN (or Bahamas).

Helen asks…

Can anybody reccomend a good all inclusive resort in Mexico?

I am looking to take my family on vacation in July/August and would prefer to do an all inclusive. My kids are 9 and 12. The resort needs to be clean, good food, water sports and some sort of entertainment. We are looking at Cancun but are open to any nice area.

Tijuana answers:

Barcelo maya colonial. My family went here a few years ago. Beautiful beaches, lots for kids to do, excellent food (some of the best i have had at resorts) water sports right on the beach. Shows are a little on the weak side for me but others seemed to enjoy them. Xel-ha is close by and a must see, tulum is also close by and is a good see as well.

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