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Mexico All Inclusive Honeymoon

Maria asks…

We are trying to plan a honeymoon in Mexico and have never traveled; any suggestions?

Ways to travel on a budget? is it better to book an all inclusive package? how do you know that places are ok to stay at? visit? fun?

Tijuana answers:

The Palace Resorts are very nice for a honeymoon. I see you asked this question in the Cozumel category. You are in the right place.

Cozumel Palace is an all-inclusive resort. 10 minutes away from the airport, in a great location. A 4 star resort with very reasonable prices for such a nice resort. The resort just won the 2008 Travelers Choice award for best luxury in the caribbean and best all-inclusive. Travelers like yourself vote for different resorts, airlines etc.

Here is a link with reviews and some candid photos from previous guests

Cozumel is also just a ferry ride away (45 minutes) to Playa del Carmen. Nice to do a day trip over. Another island to visit.

If it’s in the budget, rent a jeep and drive to the other side of the island that they call the “wild side” because it has surf and riptides (the east side) Bring your camera. Stop along the way for some refreshments, Coconuts Bar and Mezcalitos Bar and restaurant.

Excellent snorkeling and diving in Cozumel.

You will have a great time. Congrats and enjoy)

Susan asks…

How can I get fre Upgrades for my honeymoon?

We are going to Mexico for our Honeymoon at an all inclusive, any idea’s how to get upgrades? (room, airplane, etc)

Tijuana answers:

Pay for them. Seriously, in this economy most companies won’t give anything away, especially airlines. If they’re charging passengers $15 or whatever it currently is to check in one bag, why should they give away better seats?

It’s possible that you could get some freebies at your hotel if you mention that you’ll be on your HM, but if you’ve paid for a regular room don’t expect to get bumped up to their master suite. You could try signing up for the hotel’s frequent stay-type program, if they offer one, that might help get a freebie or upgrade.

Carol asks…

Where is the best place to honeymoon in July?

My fiance and I are overwhelmed with info and are looking for some recommendations. Ideally, we would like to find an allinclusive place in the caribbean with blue water and white sand. I’d originally wanted someplace in Mexico or Costa Rica, but July is rainy season there. Are the ABC islands really the best choice? We’re leaning toward Curacao, but are open to suggestions. Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

What I can tell you is that Curaçao’s rainy season runs from October to February. September to August it’s always the hottest here in Curacao.

I definitely recommend travelling to Curacao. Amazing beaches and wonderful people. For the all-inclusive hotel I’d recommend the Breezes Resort.

Aruba is fun if you’re a party animal. Amazing nightlife.
Bonaire is also very nice, but to relax. There’s nothing much really going on there.
Curacao is between; fun, relaxing and many things to do.

If you decide to go to Curacao, I’d recommend visit Klein (Little) Curacao which is a small deserted island which you can only get to by boat or helicopter.

Good luck

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