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Mexico All Inclusive Honeymoon

Mary asks…

where is a fun but cheap place for a honeymoon?

my fiance and i just bought a house so we don’t have a ton of money but still want to go on a honeymoon. we live in the southeastern US and don’t want to go to Florida, but still want something beachy.

Tijuana answers:

I was going to suggest Las Vegas. You can find great deals right on the strip and there’s tons of free or cheap things to do. It’s a great honeymoon spot, as long as you don’t gamble too much! I can tell you at Circus Circus, they charge $30 per night for weeknights (Sunday-Thursday) and up to $102 for a weekend night (Friday and Saturday)

If you really want some sort of beach where you can relax, Try looking into Cancun, Mexico. They have very inexpensive all-inclusive resorts that include all your food and drinks(most of them include alcohol as well), and your hotel room. Many of these resorts also offer free shuttle service to and from anyplace you want to go (night clubs, shopping, airport, etc). Check out Hotetur Beach Paradise, Blue Bay Club Cancun, or Flamingo Cancun Resort. You should be able to find an all-inclusive package for fairly cheap, but the major variable would be airfare(for example, a 6 night all-inclusive stay flying from either Atlanta or Orlando would cost around $1200 or so with everything included). Even if you do not choose to do an all-inclusive, you can find great deals to Cancun!

I would also highly suggest using a webiste like for your honeymoon needs. My husband and I didn’t think we’d be able to afford our honeymoon to Hawaii, but thanks to a great deal on Orbitz, we went! I also loved how when we had layovers how Orbitz would send me a text message telling us the flight status of our next flight!

Maria asks…

Cancun – Should I do ALL INCLUSIVE? How expensive is the food if I don’t? How much food and other stuff cost?

I want to go to cancun with my girlfriend. I need to know if the all inclusive deal is a good option. How much does the food cost there if I don’t do that?
Dreams costs $450 more than Hilton but its all inclusive. Should I do that or do you think the food and drink wouldn’t cost that much. What are other costs?
Any suggestions?
(we are booking the hotel for 3 nights)

Tijuana answers:

I just spent my honeymoon in cabo, and let me tell you the all inclusive is sooooooooo worth it.1) you dont have to worry about bringing a ton of money or changing it over to pesos 2) i dont know how much you drink, but alcohol can add up quick 3) consider room service, snack bars, all liquor bars any restaurant on the resort, and all pool services are all covered! Mu husband loved that he could get a snack whenever, have one of the pool staff get you a drink, and it is not expected to tip on most resorts. Plus i found that its easier to try new foods because if you dont like it you can get something else without breaking your bank. Do the all inclusive- it is the only way i will ever go on a vacation again! Tip: if you are thinking of doing the all inclusive make sure there are about 5 restaurants, otherwise you will be eating the same things again and again, also bring at least one nice outfit because odds are that there will be at least one restaurant with a dress code (and that is the one where the BEST OF THE BEST food you will ever have in mexico will be) enjoy your trip!

James asks…

What is the best way to bring money to honeymoon in Mexico?

We’re heading to Playa del Carmen for our honeymoon and don’t know the best way to pay for things, including our allinclusive resort. Put it all on a credit card? Bring U.S. cash? Bring traveler’s checks? Not sure how many places down there accept each type of money. Advice, please!

Tijuana answers:

We go to Playa del Carmen every year. We pay for our trip with a credit card. I would advise to convert any cash you bring to Pesos.You can do that right at the Cancun airport. It is easy to figure out. 1 peso equals a dime. 20 pesos equals $2.00 ect…plus the resort will help you figure out what you can’t. Traveler checks are also good. I found we used more smaller bills for any tipping you might do like for taxi’s ect…Hope you enjoy Playa as much as we did!

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