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Mexico All Inclusive Package Deals

Betty asks…

What are the best online discount vacation sites?

Looking to go down south(mexico, st lucia, jamica) and need a vacation website to buy a last minute deal – 7 days all inclusive package out of the Syracuse etc.

Tijuana answers:

There is an option for deep discounts on last minute travel. Have fun!

William asks…

Where is a good place to spend New Years in Mexico?

My boyfriend and I are planning on heading to Mexico after Christmas and over New Years. This will be our first trip to Mexico. Any recommendations of where to go? We are looking for something nice, romantic and easy. Would love it to be inclusive or at least have everything in one place. And in case that isn’t enough, we aren’t looking to spend a ton of money on this… Any thoughts?

Tijuana answers:

Check the package deals on

David asks…

Where is a good place to stay in Mexico?

Some friends and I are debating about going to Mexico for a week over New Years, but we’re having trouble finding a good place to stay. Where are the good places that are not over the top expensive and a lot of fun?

Tijuana answers:

Hi Zapgal!

Hotels always increase the prices during this time so they will higher than the current prices – which are great, especially in am all-inclusive package.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya (south of Cancun) have the best beaches and the beautiful blue water. The west coast of Mexico has rocky beaches, cold water, and sea weed. If that doesn’t matter to you, there are great hotels and package deals on both coasts of Mexico.

Call a travel agent and have them book you into an all-inclusive. One word of warning, I am also a travel agent and will not book any of my clients in anything lower than a 4-star hotel if food is included. If you book a really cheap all-inclusive deal with air, hotel, meals and drinks included, the first thing they will cut back on is the quality of the food and the drinks will be weak.

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