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Mexico All Inclusive Package Deals

Steven asks…

what are some good websites to find a vacation package to mexico?

Im looking for a website that has cheap nice vacations besides expedia, and all those big name ones. I see that some of the smaller named ones have better deals. I am looking for a vacation for me, my wife and 7 year old girl.

Tijuana answers: went to cancun in december 1400 two people all inclusive ( all the food and drink free) shuttle to an from the airport, 6 day seven night stay. And the flight out of Chicago.

Joseph asks…

When is the best time to buy airplane tickets?

I am looking to go to the Caribean or at least somewhere warm over Easter/Passover or during Presidents week. Also what would be a good place to go and/or what would be a good allinclusive resort to stay at? When should I buy the plane tickets and from what website?

Tijuana answers:

The earlier you book, the better the pricing. Usually you cannot book a flight more than 330 days in advance. Some airlines are less. Most airlines offer better rates if you fly during the middle of the week and stay thru the weekend. Sales are common, but are not available long. Look regularly and when you find a rate that is suitable, book it then because it will not last long. Don’t worry about who the airline is. They basically are all the same. If your schedule is flexible, you stand a much better chance of finding a good rate. Try Travelocity. They have a flexible rate search. This is very helpfull to find the best rate. If the Carribean is your choice, try They have specials and packages to various Carribean destinations. Look beyond the ticket price. Fees and taxes can be considerable when you leave the country due to entry and exit fees. Any American owned territory will probably be cheaper because since it is US property, American citizens are not required passports or to pay entry and exit fees. However, do look at all Carribean destination because there could be good deal. My advice is to stay away from Mexico. It is way to dangerous right now. Due to tourism dropping off in Mexico, cost to Mexico have dropped. Still, it is not worth your life. The real secret is to start looking now and book when a good deal is found. All inclusive resorts are expensive, but when you consider food and drink it can be a better deal. Food in the Carribean is expensive because everything has to be shipped in. If you do not want to eat at same place each day, then you may not want the all inclusive. Don’t pay for something you are not going to use. Travelocity can help with hotels and resorts. Look at the reviews and whether the resort has beach front and if you want an ocean view. Do your homework. Everyone has different wants and needs. You decide what is best for you and your budget. Don’t let someone elses opinion influence your taste. There are many great places to go. Just keep this in mind. When you arrive at a Carribean destination, you are not in the US. You are subject to that country’s rules and customs. Enjoy and be polite. You will be treated very good by the locals if you are polite to them.

John asks…

Where is the cheapest Caribbean vacation if flying from New York?

Hi. I was wondering what would be the cheapest Caribbean vacation package if I am flying from New York. When is the cheapest time to travel and which island is the cheapest? Please give price range and speak from experience. I have already been to yahoo travel, orbitz, expedia, etc.

Tijuana answers:

Since you live in New York, I would check these two websites for deals to the Caribbean.


I usually do my research on the web and then check with my local travel agency. Most times they will match what I find on the web and often they are cheaper. They have the contacts with the resorts and airlines. Liberty Travel (gogo tours) have great travel packages.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic have great all-inclusive resorts, beautiful beaches, decent food and a fun place.

I also like the Riviera Maya area in Mexico for all-inclusive resorts. The Palace or the Riu Resorts are very nice.

The most economic time to travel is right now. But it’s also hurricane season. September being the most active month for tropical storms.

There are deals out there the first 2 weeks in December. You have to search. Mid January (right after New Years) for about 2 weeks. High season starts Dec 15th to about April 15th. Prices will drop after that (spring sales) Hurricane season June 1 to Nov 30th prices drop some more. This is what I have found and I live in the New York area.

I just booked airfare to St Maarten for $350.00 round trip for November. That’s a great price. However, we are flying non-stop mid-week. (cheaper rates mid week)

Good Luck, I hope this answer helps)

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