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Mexico All Inclusive Package Deals

Helen asks…

How old do you need to be to go on a cruise alone?

My cousin and I are planning on going on a cruise when we turn eighteen. It’ll more than likely be on Norwegian Cruise Lines. I know that if you want to drink at 18, your parents have to be there and say you can. We don’t plan on drinking then, just find an older guy to buy then for us 😉 but if we had the money, our passports, all that, could two eighteen year olds go on a cruise together?

Tijuana answers:

Only Disney and Cunard allow passengers 18 to 21 to sail without an accompanying adult booked into the same cabin, and that is for some cruises, not all. All other cruise companies require passengers to be at least age 21 or accompanied by a “responsible adult” — and the adult must be at least age 21 on some cruise lines and at least age 25 on others.

As to drinking age, it is age 21 on all ships departing US ports, and that does not change when in international waters. It is very strictly enforced, and minors who drink can be removed from the ship, bag and baggage, at the next port, with no refund and no recourse but with the need to find and pay for their own way back home. Age is built in to the key/ID card used to pay for all drinks on board, and crew members who serve minors are subject to immediate dismissal from their jobs and are thus very careful. Nor can one circumvent the rule by having someone 21 or older buy it — crew watches that carefully, too, and the person who buys the alcohol for a minor can be removed from the ship, too.

As to permission to drink at age 18, that is allowed on some cruise lines for cruises departing non-US ports, and is only allowed when the parent/legal guardian signs permission AND is on the same cruise with the minor.

In Mexico and the Caribbean, those who are at least age 18 may drink while on shore, but not on the ship while it is in port.

Rather than a cruise, you two might want to consider flying to Cancun or one of the Caribbean islands and staying at one of the all-inclusive resorts. The hotels are very good, with great pools, clean beaches, and lots of good things to do. “All-inclusive” includes alcohol. Your travel agent can help you find an all-inclusive with reduced-price package deals for the dates you want, and that will include air fare from the US and a week at the resort. You will need passports, though, so if you want to try that and don’t have passports, get them now rather than wait until the last minute and need to pay for expedited service or lose the trip.

Sandra asks…

Where is the best tropical vacation destination with the following?

Crystal clear warm water, white sandy beaches, no overcrowding, incredible sunsets, permissive local laws that do not ban alcohol.

Tijuana answers:

If you want CLOSE – then Mexico, in many areas like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. If you can go a little farther then Jamaica or the Bahamas of course are incredible & can be very private. Also, Hawaii is often a “cliche” option but i fyou haven’t been, it is a fantastic place to go & has everything – islands, jugnle, white sand beach, black sand beach, tourist areas, nightlife, private beaches, adventure tours – plus the “safety” element of still being in the states.

If you need a great deal on any of those locations you should go to – they have all inclusive resorts or getaway packages for just $199 for 2 people, really great deals. Good luck & bon voyage 🙂

Mark asks…

with a crappy economy, where can I get a great vacation package for the Caribbean this holiday season?

with a crappy economy, where can I get a great vacation package for the Caribbean this holiday season?

I still have a job and a budget for a vacation, so would like to take advantage of it, where can I find good deals to the Caribbean? allinclusive is fine, but not a requirement.

Tijuana answers:

We used this site to book a cheap trip to mexico in january. We had to cancel 1 of the acitivites we booked and they reimbursed us no problem. Very easy site to navigate and the prices were +/- $300 less than every travel agent we tried ! Last minute (used to be site 59) is owed by American Express, so I found them reputable…


Good luck & hope you find something nice within your budget!

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